Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Will She or Won't She?

Everyone's favorite Independence Party puppet, Ulster County's own Sarah Palin, our new Fearless Leader of the County Legislature Terry Bernardo, is having a little fundraiser at Hillside Manor in Kingston on February 28 at 7 p.m. The get together is allegedly to celebrate Bernardo's 46th birthday, but there could be more to it than that.

Bernardo has indicated privately that she intends to run for Congress someday, so now would probably be a good time for her to throw her hat into the ring. If she does, she'll be competing with George Phillips and Tom Engle for the party nod, both of whom are heavy-hitters who already know how to run a big campaign.

If she does get in, she's going to be beaten badly by these guys. And, give the dinner's entrance price -- a mere $46, which is symbolic of her 46th birthday -- my guess is she's not going to do it (I would expect a congressional fundraiser to charge more, like $250 at least).

At this point, no Democrats have announced, but all eyes are on Mike Hein and Kevin Cahill to go after Hinchey's old seat -- assuming NY-22 doesn't disappear completely, something that appears more and more likely given the silence from the Dems' side of the equation.

But I hope she gets in and that the campaign happens. It'll be entertaining as hell to watch her get trounced by the other two GOP contenders.


  1. It would be ugly but I guess Bernardos are use to that. she has never won a race her husband didn't buy her and with her track record I don't think that streak will end soon

  2. Let’s run Robin Yess for Congress, she hasn’t won an election yet???
    Yess that's it...Robin Yessssss the Yes girl who ruined the Republican Party in Ulster County and is attempting to ruin the Dutchess County Republican party. She can win because she is well respected in Ulster County. Let's elect a person who quits...

    The yess woman.