Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freeman Gets it Right, Again

Ya gotta hand it to the Freeman's Patricia Doxee, a reporter who is proving that good coverage at the local level is still possible. Her latest piece questions the propriety of hiring Senator Bonacic's law firm as counsel to the Ulster Legislature (through Bonacic stooge Langdon Chapman), to the tune of $50,000 per year. Whoops. Sorry. It's actually $49,750:
The contract between Ulster County and the firm being hired as legislative counsel is raising some eyebrows — because the Legislature is contracting with a law firm rather than hiring an attorney, as it has done in the past; and because of the cost of the contract.

Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo submitted to the county’s contract management team a proposed $49,750 contract with the Orange County law firm of Bonacic, Krahulik, Cuddeback, McMahon & Brady.
Yep. Doxee's article actually uses the name, "Bonacic." So why make the payment less than $50,000? Doxee explains:
It’s an amount that falls just below the $50,000 contract threshold at which legislative approval is required.
Got that? If the proposal had been for a few bucks more, a messy process would ensue. We usually call this process "democracy," for those of you keeping score at home. But the Bernardos don't go in for any of that We-the-People crap.

Minority Leader Donaldson also questions the Bernardo gang's motives:
“They (Republican lawmakers) are purposely trying to skirt the law,” said Legislature Minority Leader David Donaldson.

[. . .]

That the contract amount is just $250 below the amount that would require legislative approval, “is a bit on the shady side,” Donaldson said.

And our budget boss ain't buying it either:
County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach said he found the contract amount “curious.”

“It really does raise issues because it’s so close,” said Auerbach, a Democrat.
Doxee's article goes on to explain that the county contract management team, despite the Bernardos power play, went ahead and submitted the proposal to the legislature anyway, and that the full legislature will vote on the proposal on March 20.

But the most entertaining part of Doxee's article comes in the form of a quote from Bernardo herself, who says she was simply pro-rating Chapman's paycheck:
“The private sector doesn’t pay people for days they don’t work, and I don’t believe the Legislature should either,” she wrote. “The annual line item is $50,000. There are 366 days in this year. Langdon is a good lawyer, but I am not going to authorize paying him for days he was not our counsel.”
See? She's just being a careful steward of our tax dollars. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Makes you proud, don't it?


  1. Paging Messrs. Chepman, Chopman and Chupman... Please gather your kudos and join Messrs. Chapman and Chipman in Bernardos' Enablers Office...

  2. I think Carl Chipman is one of the few sane people left in Accord, and he is not a Bernardo enabler.

  3. 09:32 is right Chipman is not a Bernardo enabler he is just a Bernardo brown-noser. The big daddy in Accord is the tall fat guy Ohalloran.

    What’s the deal with this guy O’Halloran? Seriously, how many boards can this guy sit on? Saw his resume in Freeman. Grand Dude of Kerhonkson, community pillar no less, owns Pinegrove Ranch & Family Resort, a stain on Ulster County’s good name. Go to tripadvisor, look for Pinegrove, see what I mean. Does he do any work at his ranch?

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  5. This Attorney is from ORANGE COUNTY! There are no qualified attorneys in ULSTER COUNTY? I do not want my tax dollars sent to Orange County. Have you ever heard the term, "shop local" Mrs. Len Bernardo?

    Who else will you hire that does not live in ULSTER COUNTY! KEEP MY TAX DOLLARS LOCAL!

    If this was not done to avoid the approval of the Legislature, why not put Chapman on one contract and do it the way is should be done?

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  8. Chipman is just another brown nose wannabe. Like Len he wants to be 5 ft 10 theall make it up in ego. The reps are self destrcting thats okay but now they are hurting the taxpayers as well. I guess they just pack their bags and leave us with the mess. All roads lead to Bonacic Bernardo, Chapman, Mathiis the next problem being brought in. John please take your distrct and minoins and leave now PLEASE!!!!!!

  9. Business awards honor Ulster County's best
    FREEMAN: Sunday, October 16, 2011

    "Companies and businesspeople in Ulster County considered to be leaders in their fields will be honored at the seventh annual Ulster County Business Recognition Awards ceremony on Thursday.


Pinegrove Ranch and Family Resort, Tourism Business of the Year."

    Tourism Business of the Year?????

    Ulster County is really rotten!!!!

  10. The state of the republican party great job guys! Rascoe O'halloran, Bernardo, Bonacic and don't forget Catalano started this mess and took all the money. They only lost 449 members last year they should be able to double that this year in the first 6 months. But all family and friends now have jobs we pay for

  11. Hiring an attorney from Orange County?? You have got to be kidding!!

    Meanwhile the Bernardo's have the audacity to have a buy local/shop local sign in front of their business - hypocrites!

    The only small peace of mind I have is knowing that I didn't vote for her but unfortunately I'm stuck with her decisions as a tax payer in Ulster County.

  12. Chipman is just another puppet - don't let anyone tell you any different.

  13. Chipman wants the Independence line when he makes his move outside of his little town. That is all it is about. He did not stick up for the Republicans at all last year when Wadnola was the boss.
    All smoke.

    It is unconscionable that Mrs.Len Bernardo is hiring people from outside of the County in powerful positions at an alarming rate.

    Why are the Republicans allowing her to do this?

  14. Ohmygod!

    I kind off heard things about the classy Pinegrove, but what I've read on tripadvisor.com is un-freaking-believable!!!

    ...and David O'Halloran is the chair of Ulster County Industrial Development Agency?

    ...and he wants to be on the board that takes over Golden Hill?

    ...and his business was named the tourism business of the year by Ulster County Chamber of Commerce?

    ...and Terry Bernardo sits on Chamber's Board of Directors?

    ...and David O'Halloran takes no action on Terry Bernardo's owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes because "the Skate Time 209 created a destination venue and has generated tourism activity for the county?"

    ...and we are supposed to close our eyes and our minds and let them screw us royally?

    I need a drink.

  15. Wait until Robin Yess hears that Bernardo has hired Sandy Mathiss from Green County. She will blow her stack, and rightfully so.

  16. "the Skate Time 209 created a destination venue and has generated tourism activity for the county?" - you have got to be kidding me? I have been driving to Orange County to take my daughter and her friends roller skating because I refuse to give the Bernardos another dime of my hard earned money - its bad enough that my tax dollars are being spent on her salary and their shenanigans!

  17. I am aware of Mathes, which is again fishy and wrong for Ulster County. This shouldn't be any more than Langdon should be. What's this the new trend for the UC Leg under Bernardo? We hire everyone who doesn't live in Ulster County? I guess buy local, shop local, hire local is now - buy, shop, hire from out of county! Where's Roger Rascoe on these job appointments? I guess as always he'll say he has nothing to say - it's up to them. Well, when they're screwing it up big time, that's when you step in, Roger.

  18. It seems that according to Terry Bernardo there are no qualified and/or competent individuals that reside and/or pay taxes in Ulster County looking for employment or the opportunity to better their own county.

    After a lot of thoughtful consideration - I really believe that she is on to something!

    Ms. Bernardo, you are absolutely right - the incompetent people who voted for you definitely are not qualified to work for the tax payers of Ulster County. (And who says she isn't intelligent - she is down right CLEVER!) You should also look into outsourcing as many Ulster County departments overseas as possible - no sense stopping at just the surrounding counties - share the wealth!

  19. Chipman might dream of future aspirations but less be real is just anoyther puppet for Bernardo, and O'Halloran and people are seeing right thru that

  20. Advice to the Republican Party regroup. Throw out or get rid of all the dirt. All of them Bernardo,Rasco, OHalloran, Cahill Tantillo, Jacobsen, Turco Ronk,maybe even Gerentine, Harris, Maloney, Aiello and Fabiano maye need to go also. Bring in new blood and start with mending the fences. Approach all the people that have left and mend the fences because a lot of them were the workers for the party not their own personel benefit. Get rid of Mathes and Chapman and start to hire our own locals to show you mean business. If this party gets any worse it will never recover, at least in my lifetime. P.S tell Bonacic to mind his own business and do something in Albany besides getting a check

  21. Lets see what the Wicked Witch of Ulster did today? Flew in on the broom with Toto(Len) giving her the directions. Went and got a Green County resident a job in the legislature (If he only had a brain) who got fired from a high price goverment job for double dipping(stealing)Slow day but there still is time we are sure we can count on more abuse before the day is out. I'm sure Chapman was in Albany double dipping and will think of someone else he can screw. Bonacic will be proud of you