Monday, March 5, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Breaking the Law?

All kinds of interesting things coming over the transom these days. The latest is an anonymous note sent to County Executive Mike Hein accusing Terry Bernardo of breaking the law when it comes to the way her office is treating employees. It reads:
"Dear Mr. Hein,

Something is happening on your watch that needs to be addressed. The new chairperson is in my opinion breaking at least one and possibly two labor laws.

1.) Continues to tell employees to work more hours than they are paid for -- since these people are paid hourly it is clearly a violation

2.) Berates employees in the same room as other employees creating a hostile work place.

3.) Allows her husband to sit in on employee only matters.

It is not only a disgrace but also unprofessional. This needs to be corrected without retribution against any employee. Should this continue the original of this will be delivered to the NYS Department of Labor."
Let's go through each of these. The first is a matter of civil service law. If the Bernardo regime is telling employees to work more hours than is in their job description, the employee should be entitled to overtime, and would also be able to file a grievance with the union. If I were an employee who was being asked to perform duties that require time beyond that contained in my job description, I would tell my boss to take a hike and talk to my union rep.

The second point is typical Bernardo. When you don't know what the hell you're doing, the simplest thing to do is bluster your way through. You know, just be a loudmouthed asshole. The Bernardos don't know how to ask politely, all they know is how to bully. Par for the course.

The third point is the one I find most interesting. If this claim is indeed true -- that Terry Bernardo is allowing her husband Len to sit in on potentially privileged employee discussions -- it should definitely be investigated. Employers, including the government, are bound by a number of federal laws regarding employee privacy, Title II of HIPAA being one of the biggies. If there is any truth to the Bernardos being this cavalier with employee privacy, Hein should definitely look into it.

But I'm guessing he won't.

It'll be up to the employees in question to come forward. Hey, if you're looking for a forum to air the dirty laundry, you've got one right here. Your privacy will be respected, I assure you (unlike with certain others).


  1. Bernardos breaking the law? Oh don't be silly. Just because Len has his own "translation" of how election laws work or the appropropriate behavior of party officials doesn't mean that Terry breaks the law. Or does it? If by breaking the law you mean not filing required financial disclosures or not disclosing money raised or spent well in excess of $1,000 on a campaign, well then, yes, I guess she breaks the law. It should come as no shock that the new Legislature Chair thinks she can strongarm the Legislative office staff into working more hours than they are legally required to. Sounds like another day in Bernardo world. Perhaps it could be a new TV show. Unfortunately for us it's real life.

  2. Few days ago we saw the anonymous letter here:
    No surprises whatsoever.
    We know they break the labor laws; they pay kids $3.50 per hour at SkateTime 209.
    We know they have a temper. Everybody should see them getting mad!
    We know that Terry Bernardo is only a prop, a portable object used on the set of a power play. Lenny is pushing her, look, her soles are worn out.
    The time is ripe to take each other to a taxidermist. A diorama is waiting for them, and the wording on the plaque is open to suggestions.

  3. These are some serious allegations. I really hope someone is looking into this.

  4. Who is going to look into this? The County District Attorney and Judges were bought with Bernardo's Independence line.

  5. The Republicans only have themselves to blame. They created a monster. I hope they are satisfied.

  6. 5:34 - good point!

    This whole thing is like the Dr. Seuss spot that continues to grow. Where is little cat Z and his hat full of voom when you need him most?

  7. 5:43, the Republicans may have made this bed but the whole County's worth of taxpayers has to lie in it.

  8. Len is a dolt and a Goodfellas wannabe. He's just the muscle of the operation. Terry is the one with the brains. Problem is she is a perfect example of self-serving political ambition run amok. She gets off on seeing how many morons she can fool by acting innocent and compassionate. Piss her off and you'll get the real Terry Bernardo. I hear she's gunning for county executive. Lord, help us all then.

  9. I initially didn't put a lot of weight in what Robin Yess had been saying but it looks like she was right on target. I owe Ms. Yess an apology for not taking her seriously prior to this.

  10. speaking of Robin - check out what she has posted today.

  11. Did you see the Hell Kitty yet? If not, click here.

  12. Ooops! I am new at this. Click here.

  13. 5:43 - A handful of Republicans created the Bernardo monsters. The rest of the Party wants to get rid of them both.
    6:34 - Len is a badfella and he's not foolin' anybody. If you think Terry has brains, you're in trouble because only a nit wit would make the moves she's been making. Slapdown cometh from Jeanette and company.