Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Promises, Promises

Let's see if she actually follows through on this:
Chair of Ulster County Legislature Visits Shandaken

Terry Bernardo, of the Chair of the Ulster County Legislature, attended the board meeting.

Town councilman Vincent Bernstein told Bernardo that it was vital to get the Bridge Street Bridge in Phoenicia reopened. The bridge has been closed since it was damaged in the Irene floods last fall.

“Can we bank on your help?” he asked Bernardo.

Councilman Alfie Higley echoed Bernstein's plea for getting the bridge reopened.

“We really need it by summer," he said. "Cars don’t go in [to Phoenicia], I’ve seen it myself.”

Bernardo assured everyone that she would do what she could.
How about, "This is something that needs to be fixed and you have my unwavering commitment to making sure it happens soon"? Instead, Shandaken residents receive nothing more than vague promises.

If you want some advice when it comes to dealing with the Bernardos: Get it in writing.


  1. Get it in writing, and bring your own notary (both Bernardos suck as public notaries)!

  2. Hmm... Bernardo touring the County visting Town Boards sounds like the campaign trail. Next stop what? Assembly? County Executive? It sure isn't as Chairman of the UC Leg.

  3. Kept promises from Mrs. Len Bernardo?
    You must be kidding!

    Before elections she said she wants to become Chair of the Legislature so that she can bring more jobs to the area she "represents" – Rochester and Wawarsing. Now, she doesn't hire from Ulster County, but from Greene or Orange counties (she likes coloring books, she really likes them!). Now she talks about regionalism. Next step overseas?

  4. Remember looking for a job and being told that you're overqualified?

    Obviously, this infamous Greene County resident Mathes is overqualified for the part-time position Terry Bernardo recruited him. Definitely there are hidden reasons for him to be involved with Ulster County Legislature. Why renounce hundreds of thousands of dollars just to slave for Terry Bernardo' peanuts?