Friday, March 2, 2012

Wishnick Upon a Star

Is Ken Wishnick in trouble with his own caucus? That's the scuttlebutt, anyway. Wishnick was apparently part of a behind-closed-doors ambush of a couple of local reporters, led by the Bernardo Junta, of course, during which Landon Chapman threw his substantial weight around and berated these reporters for supposedly slanted coverage. This is par for the course with the Bernardos, who see these kinds of intimidation tactics as simply another tool to accumulate and maintain power (it's also not a very good way to ensure you get the coverage you want, and is likely to have the opposite of the desired effect).

Wishnick, on the other hand, should really know better than to cozy up to these cranks. Granted, he did win the Independence line, which means he had to genuflect to Len Bernardo (and Langdon Chapman) at some point. But he decided to caucus with the Democrats, thus he owes it to his party to show a little loyalty.

Hey, Kenny? If the dinner-party invitations suddenly dry up, this is why.


  1. Does any of this explain the portion of Terry Bernardo's speech where she attempts to validate "her" decision (we all know she is simply the marionette) to appoint Langdon Chapman and states: "...I am appointing Langdon Chapman . . . not to mention that Hugh Reynolds says he’s a pit bull and that’s plenty good for me."

    I wasn't sure if this was a way of Terry Bernardo trying to flatter Hugh Reynolds or if she was throwing a dig his way.

  2. Just rying to come up with an excuse besides STUPIDITY, ARROGANCE

  3. With the stunt of trying to sneak thru another major change in the rules. our highness has a resolution to pay Bonacics law firm $50,000. Anyone who supports this should not recieve any major party endorsement let them run on the Indy line since thats who calls the shots let see them win that way. We won't forget this post will be around next year we won't forget