Monday, May 21, 2012

The Case of the Missing Mortarboard

The so-called Ulster County Crusader tells us that County Executive Mike Hein didn't wear a mortarboard during his appearance at the SUNY Ulster commencement last week. Absolutely horrifying:
Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the vainest or stupidest County Executive of all?

Mike Hein

The other night at the SUNY Ulster Commencement, he refused to wear his cap, was it
vain or stupidity?

You decide.
Is it a noun or an adjective? You decide. I've seen high school students who can writer better than this.

The Crusader goes on:
Proper academic regalia is required for all candidates who participate in any Commencement Ceremony - that includes the dignitaries on the stage.

The crowd was abuzz about how Mike Hein refused to wear his cap when he
addressed the graduates.

It was just disrespectful to the institution.
Really? Is this state law? A university bylaw? Why not provide a link citing this rule? Where, exactly, does it appear?

And the crowd was abuzz? Were they getting out the pitchforks and torches so they could storm the stage and rid us of the embarrassment of a hat-less executive? Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands, after all.

And you know what happened next? Hein left the ceremony. Again, what will we tell the children? How can Hein call himself a leader when he leaves in the middle of a ceremony to, uh, get back to the business of doing the people's work or something equally frivolous?

Then the Crusader, unable to use this newfangled device known as Google, implies that our county exec is a college drop-out:
Once again Hein said that he was the first member of his family to ATTEND

If you were the first to GRADUATE from college wouldn't you say that?

There is a big difference between ATTENDING college and GRADUATING from college.

But maybe it's only a big difference to those that have graduated.
Wow. So Mike Hein never graduate col . . . Wait! What's that you say? I can actually look this up online? Will the wonders of the internet never cease?:
Michael P. Hein was raised by his parents on their farm in Esopus, New York. During his childhood, Hein attended school in the New Paltz school system. He attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, thus becoming the first in his family to attend college. In 1987, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a special emphasis in Management from Eckerd College.
See? That wasn't hard, now, was it?

So, once again, Ulster County's newest attack blog packs all the punch of a wet noodle. This blog is so bad, in fact, that I would not be surprised if Bernardo herself were writing it.

Did anyone you know attend SUNY Ulster Commencement last week? Was Bernardo there? If so, it would explain where this latest post came from.

As I said before, can't you do better than this, Crusader? I'm beginning to feel like I'm picking on a weakling.


  1. Wikipedia? Seriously? I could post that Hein was a brain surgeon after he was a pot head kid working for the County back when his Uncle Al Spada got him a summer job on the highway department. Wikipedia is not a legitimate source.

    Ask Hein point blank, in front of the press and witnesses and see what he says. Let's put an end to this once and for all.

  2. Yup, Terry Bernardo is setting the stage. Something she and hubby Len have had lots of practice at. They can fix an election better than anyone I know.
    This explains all those stupid appointments

  3. Looks like the crusader is picking up where mojo left off - almost two years ago.

    I guess this is what we have been staying tuned for: mojo to have one of his other personalities blog the same thing he did two years later! I wonder if we should all continue to "stay tuned" for another two years?!? I'm not sure my heart can handle the suspense!


  5. Blaber... Roberti... Why are we wasting our time talking about Bernardos' tools? Not too sharp, I might add.

    I gave up checking their blogs after both yahoos congratulated Terry Bernardo for her victory – about 6 months before the 2009 elections!

  6. Wikipedia is not a reliable source? As opposed to Ulster County Crusader? Seriously, Joe? Really?

  7. Crusader and Mojo are written by the same two fools. Terry Bernardo and Joe Roberti. She's as transparent as glass except for when she's doing "the people's business."

  8. Roberti can't write and Bernardo can't talk. Look at her read from script on her desk in this Freeman video when reporter asks why she invited Schumer and Gillibrand to discuss hospital reimbursement rates. Nothing better than canned, scripted video.

  9. OMG! That ahhhh scripted Freeman "interview" is an ahhhhh joke!

    It was ahhhh an ahhhhh great script but ahhhh I think next time they should probably limit the "ahhhhh"s to every other sentence instead of ahhhh every one... just an ahhhhh suggestion.