Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And This Would Change . . . What?

Jeremy Schiffres, the city editor at the Freeman, thinks Joe Roberti went too far in publicly dressing-down Bob Aiello for standing up to the Bernardos:
* Note to town of Saugerties Republican Chairman Joe Roberti: Publicly admonishing Ulster County Legislator Bob Aiello, R-Saugerties, for taking a stand against Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo, R-Accord — and threatening to pull the party's endorsement of Aiello in the next election — probably was not a good idea. The GOP holds only a razor-thin 13-12 majority in the Legislature, and Aiello always has been an on-the-fence kinda guy when it comes to politics. Anger him enough, and it seems to me that he just might jump ship — and put the Democrats in control.
Really? I thought the Independence Party was in control, seeing that 20 of the 23 current legislators got the Ind. line last time out. So I don't think much would change if the majority and minority leaders switched seats. Bernardo would still be the chair, and the agenda would likely remain much as it is right now.

Of course, if Schiffres is simply saying that Roberti is shooting himself in the foot, well, why would such a development surprise anyone?

Point taken, Jeremy. Pass the popcorn.


  1. Someone should tell Shiffres the razor thin majority is 12-11. Last I heard, the county has 23 legislators, not 25.

  2. 11:17, you're way behind the news... Bernardo has three votes! :)

  3. Hint no one ever accused any Roberti of being smart. Just another political leche always looking for a goverment check

  4. Aiello is his own man. He does his own research and makes his own decisions. He is a leader, not a follower. To ask questions about any topic is want he was elected to do, not be a foot soldier. Ulster County taxpayers support Aiello and wish more officials would do the same.

  5. The irony is that Roberti selected Aiello over Frey and now he doesn't like Aiello, well not that he ever did, but with a personal ax to grind with Frey, he had to go with Aiello. Poor Joe - he's so frustrated now that Roger told him no more Mojo.