Friday, May 18, 2012

A Public Process

Let's hope executive compensation is part of this discussion:
A cost-saving plan being developed by HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley that could involve closing one of its two hospitals in Kingston should be a public process, a state lawmaker says.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, who helped secure $47 million in state funding to help bring about the 2008 affiliation of Kingston and Benedictine hospitals, said in a press release that he has “offered to facilitate an open and public process for the development of plans for the possible restructuring of HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley.”

HealthAlliance announced on May 4 that it may close one of the two hospitals, which are less than a mile apart in Midtown Kingston, because of steep financial losses. On Wednesday, HealthAlliance officials said they expect to have a “preliminary plan” in place within 90 days.
But I'm not getting my hopes up.


  1. Leave it to Cahill - the champion of self-promotion in the press - to offer to facilitate a public process. Cahill is always at the forefront of the hot topic. Property taxes - dropped that issue like a hot potato since Shelly Silver told him to pack it in. Energy and green solutions - still on that bandwagon despite huge job and financial losses and company closures. And now he's going to pitch in and lend a hand with a public forum. Oh please. He's a career politician on the public tit. And of course, we heard nothing from him last year as he wasn't running, but lo and behold here's his name in the paper because it's an election year!

  2. Kevin Cahill was instrumental in the restructuring of the Hospitals. He should be speaking out, he has a stake in it. As a former Employee at Benedictine, I can tell you from my personal experience that Kevin has been involved in the Hospitals for many, many years. So much so, that I have helped on his campaigns to make sure he gets reelected. Just because the lame excuse for a daily newspaper does not cover him, does not mean he is not working. I resent these comments from people who obviously have no idea what they are talking about. We have heard from Kevin, but not one word from anyone else at the State level.

    As for those other things you state, I looked it up and Cahill again put in a bill to get property tax removed as the means to pay for schools. He can only put the bills in, if the Legislature does not support them, it is not his fault. BTW, How do you know that "Shelly Silver told him to pack it in", did Silver or Cahill tell you that personally or are you just repeating what Democrat haters always say?

    As an Attorney Cahill could walk away from politics now or at anytime during his career, and made significantly more money. You do not know him, his commitment to service and his passion for helping people. Maybe you should speak to him for yourself.