Saturday, May 19, 2012

HealthAlliance Execs Got Raises

This just keeps getting uglier. Whatever happened to leadership stepping up and taking one for the team? Not in HealthAlliance's playbook, apparently:
Most of the nine top executives of HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley were given raises in 2011, the year after the company’s Kingston and Benedictine hospitals ran a combined loss of about $2.75 million, according to records provided by the company.

The records, however, also show none of the executives received bonuses in 2011, a change from 2010,which followed a profitable year for the hospitals.

Financial losses of about $10 million for the period of 2008 to 2011 have been cited by HeatlhAlliance as the main reason it is considering closing one of the two hospitals in Kingston, which it has run jointly for about four years.

HealthAlliance officials have defended the executives’ salaries, which are far greater than Ulster County’s median household income, but a spokesman for a union that represents nurses was critical of the pay totals on Friday.

“Such out-of-proportion executive salaries are an example of the HealthAlliance’s misguided priorities, said Mark Genovese of the New York State Nurses Association, to which Benedictine’s nurses belong.
Yep. As the ship is taking on water, the executives are pocketing the silverware.

The Freeman, and Paul Kirby, are doing a great job on this story. Keep it up, guys.


  1. Daily Freeman reader,,,5:09 PM, May 20, 2012

    Did ya see that "someone" kept the Freeman from being sold @ the Kingston Hospital Giftshop that day ???

    I was there with a friend who was having a procedure & I had the Freeman from my local store & the nurses were all asking me for it when I was done.
    Seems that a conspiracy was afoot to keep the staff from reading the story that day !!


  2. WOW - amazing how far the conspiracy goes! UNBELIEVABLE!