Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hector Rodriguez once used a fax machine in an unethical manner, apparently:
Hector Rodriguez of New Paltz submitted a resolution providing a mechanism for removal of the Chairman of the Legislature, that has proven to be nothing more than a cheap political stunt, that sources say he pulled for Minority Leader David Donaldson.

But that is something that Hector is intimately familiar with - political stunts for political allies.

Just a few years ago Hector Rodriguez, a New Paltz Democrat, gave up a $54,000-a-year job as Comptroller Alan Hevesi's Hudson Valley regional representative.

He took the job after working in Hevesi's election campaign and worked in both the New Windsor and Albany offices.

Rodriguez resigned in disgrace after he alledgely (sic) faxed political material from the New Windsor office.

"It is absolutely forbidden to use any state facility of any kind for any campaign or political purpose," a representative from Hevisi's office said, "It will not be tolerated."
The so-called Crusader doesn't provide a link, but he/she is referring to this story from 2004. And there's no doubt that it was a clear violation of ethics rules, for which Rodriguez paid a heavy price: He lost his job.

But, as Donaldson notes in the same article, this was the political equivalent of jaywalking:
"In many places, it would be a slap on the hand," Donaldson said.
If Rodgriguez had simply gone to the Kinko's down the street, he wouldn't have lost his job.

If the best the Crusader can do is trot out old news from eight years ago, news in which justice was fully served in that the person who violated the ethics rule lost his job, then I'm afraid we're in for some very weak tea.

Come on, Crusader. Can't you do better than this?

And while we're on the subject of old news, maybe we should do a full-blown retrospective on Tantillo's Law one of these days.


  1. A review of Tantillo's Law would be most enlightening.

  2. After Rascoe took him to the woodshed, the lionhearted crusader Joe Roberti, Jr. took down the photo of Aiello sporting a dust mask. Unless he did it after Aiello returned to Bernardo's camp.

    1. Hah! You're right. That was Aiello. My mistake.

  3. Some confused idiot posted this on Bernardo & Roberti's second blog:

    May 17, 2012 2:45 PM

    Cloakroom, you are a welcome addition to the political dialogue. If you have nothing else here, you are causing the attack dog, aka Roben Yess to lower her bark. All of a sudden she is interested in employees doing their job, and her campaign is no longer about the Bernardo's. Wow, good job. Keep the pressure up , as we need to get beyond her brand of hatred and onto serious dialogue. Notice, among other things that her budget meeting went no where. Interesting that the Hein crew is so perfect. When people, including you start to call out both sides, all these blogs will be taken seriously. Until then, she will be nothing but hot air, as well as Roberti etc.