Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Young Go-Getter

Langdon Chapman is featured this month in City & State, as a "rising star" in Albany. God help us.

The article also offers us the quote of the week:
"It’s not too heady an experience when you’re dealing with garbage all day.”
While Chapman was talking about his days as landfill coordinator for a municipality, one cannot help but be struck by certain similarities with his current portfolio.


  1. Sorry even with your sarcasm, i still think Langdon Chapman is smarter than most,,
    He deserves the praise,
    I ain't remotely connected to the Bernardo cabal, or any other,
    but i have the powers of observation & I have seen him work for a while now.
    He is truly one of the sharpest knives in the drawer & I, for one, am happy he is working for US !!!!!!

  2. Smarter than most?? Sharpest knife? As compared to what? A tub of Playdoh? If he didn't have Westlaw to quickly search his subject matter, he'd be screwed. The Dems' counsel, Chris Ragucci, runs circles around pudgy Chapman, intellectually and physically. Chapman is just another example of a hungry opportunist sucking dry the government's teat.

  3. Langdon Chapman gets things done by being belligerent. His body language and tone is that of a street thug, or one of those playground bullies who would pick on weaker kids. I'm guessing Chapman, given his physical stature, was one of those bullied kids. Now he takes his frustration out on the rest of us.

    Sharpest knife, or just the one most willing to wield it?

  4. Typical small man syndrome. Once Bonacic is done, so is he. He is arrogant, unethical and generally not a likeable guy who is hated in state circles. What he needs is a good thumping. Wait, sounds a lot like Len Bernardo. BTW, nice hairdo Langdon.