Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Another Personal Flack

I didn't know the post of legislative chairwoman came with a personal assistant. From Robin Yess:
I hear that Frank Reggero, the newly hired Budget Analyst for the Ulster County Legislature, was busy attending this week’s Town Supervisors’ meeting with Chairwoman Bernardo, where I’m told he sat taking notes while she spoke. If the best and efficient use of taxpayers’ money is the goal – shouldn’t Frank ($50k salary) be at the office working on his strategic plan for this year’s budget rather than driving Miss Daisy around the County and serving as glorified note-taker?
Indeed. But I have a theory for you, Robin. Reggero wasn't hired to be a budget guy. He was hired to be Bernardo's personal assistant.

And it's worth keeping an eye on this. Will Reggero ever do any actual budget work? Maybe. But I'm betting that the majority of his time will be spent peeling figurative grapes for Bernardo. It would be worth taking the time to see how many other events Reggero attends with her -- as opposed to doing his actual job, working on the budget back in his office on Fair Street.

So, now we have Reggero, in addition to Fawn Tantillo, acting as Bernardo's gofer. Just how many ladies-in-waiting does Queen Terry need, anyway?

p.s. Yess says that J.J. Hanson's credentials as a budget guy are up-to-snuff. I never doubted that they were, though it's good to have confirmation that Hein is hiring qualified people (unlike certain other elected officials).

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