Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Oldie but a Goodie

I sincerely hope that Len Bernardo steps up to run for office again, if only so that we get more ads like this one from 2008:

Do your civic duty, Len. It's for the good of the Independence Party county.


  1. Thanks for bringing it all back - I watched some of the other videos as well. They are interesting to look back on now after seeing how things unfolded in the Ulster County political arena.

    Especially enlightening was the political "ANTics" and the line "they are even hinting that it could be political intimidation at its worst"...

    Does anyone know the outcome of the trooper's and the inspector general's investigations?

  2. They only found two sets of fingerprints on the envelope. Terry's and the guy who was living with them at the time. ;) Wonder if she had to scoop from her neighbor's yard when she realized her yard lacked ants.