Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Even More Cronyism

This really is sickening:


JULY 18, 2012

Contact: Fawn Tantillo
(845) 340-3699


Chairman Terry Bernardo today announced she is appointing Victoria Fabella as the Legislative Clerk. “I want to thank Chairman Bernardo for selecting and putting her trust in me as the next Clerk of the Ulster County Legislature.” Fabella said. “I am truly grateful for the support I have received from both sides of the aisle. It is an honor to serve as Clerk under this Legislative Body.”

Fabella is a graduate of John A. Coleman High School and has a BA from Seton Hall University. She has over a decade of Human Resources experience, a large portion of which was as Director of Human Resources and Administration for a local television station before being appointed Deputy Clerk of the Legislature a little over two years ago. Fabella lives with her husband and two children in Wallkill, NY.

Bernardo also announced the appointment of Krista Barringer as a Deputy Clerk. “I am truly honored to be able to work with and for the people of Ulster County.” Barringer said. “This is an honor and privilege that I respect and value.”

Barringer has a Bachelor of Social Work from Wheelock College, a Masters of Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University, and is a Licensed Master Social Worker in New York State. She served as the Ulster County Community Liaison for New York State Senator John Bonacic before taking this appointment and she was the former Director of the Ulster County Youth Bureau. Barringer lives in Saugerties, NY with her husband and three children.

After proving to be a valuable staff member, Franklin Reggero was also promoted to Senior Legislative Employee. Reggero is a retired Army Master Sergeant, a graduate Saugerties High School and SUNY Ulster and currently attends classes at Rockefeller College of Public Policy.

“I am excited about the new position and excited to serve the people of Ulster County”, said Reggero who lives with his wife and daughter in Saugerties, NY.

Fabella is looking forward to working with Legislators, staff and the various departments throughout Ulster County. “I am confident that the new staffing structure will allow for a well-functioning, professional office to provide excellent service to the deserving people of our great County,” she said.

All new salaries represent a reduction from the last compensation level for each position.

Fawn A. Tantillo
Deputy Clerk - Confidential Secretary to Chair Bernardo
Ulster County Legislature
(845) 340-3699
So, let's review. Patty Jacobsen, who works for the Ulster County Board of Elections and should know better, gets a dead woman's signature for Terry Bernardo's petition for legislator. Vicky Fabella is Patty's daughter, who got $6k raise as soon as Bernardo became chair and now gets another raise for her loyalty. Of course, Karen Binder's seat hasn't even cooled off, not to mention the harassment Binder underwent when Bernardo investigated the dying woman over the comp time she was using for medical appointments (which is a matter of public record and about which I will have more to say in the coming days).

Krista Barringer is a Bernardo pal who was bounced from her position as Director of the Ulster County Youth Bureau by Mike Hein, ostensibly for budget reasons but really because Barringer was using her position to enrich the Bernardos by steering youth bureau business to Skate Time 209. Barringer leaves another crony job working for Bonacic.

And Frank Reggero gets a raise because, oh, I suppose he peels a mean grape or something.

And all of them are making less money than their prior counterpart, dontcha know. Except the truth is Bernardo continues to spend money on her pals like a drunken sailor, now likely to be well over $100k more than the previous leadership spent for the same services (it was previously $96k more according to Robin Yess's meticulous calculations).

Fiscal conservatism in action, folks.

And it pays to be a Bernardo flunkie.


  1. looks like Patty's plan has come to fruition.

    1. Do you mean Patty the person that witnessed a dead person SIGING a petition? What a f***ing wate of taxpayer money.

    2. Yup, same person who should know better since she works for the Board of Elections.

  2. This was Karen Binders biggest fear from the day Vicky Fabella walked in the office. If you need confirmation ask her mother or the previous staff. The plan all along was to oust Karen so Fabella could take her job. Karen just couldn't hold on, god rest her sole.

  3. What a disgrace the legislators are for letting this happen. You are all an embarassment to the people of Ulster County. I hope the voters are not stupid enough to elect any of you every again to anything even dog catcher because you are incompetent God rest Karens soul and by the way stop playing like you cared. You DIDN'T so stop the bullshit you phony bastards

  4. Bernardo needs to be run out of town on a rail. The people of this county need to reclaim our government. Cronyism is rampant and blatant because Bernardo's think we're all country bumpkins. Pick up the phone and call your legislator. If he or she has received any Bernardo favors, let him or her know that you will do everything in your power to remove him or her from office if they don't renounce her.

  5. "Reggero is a retired Army Master Sergeant, a graduate Saugerties High School and SUNY Ulster and currently attends classes at Rockefeller College of Public Policy." - I suspect our new legislative clerk - former budget guru - is not in graduate school as this statement implies given that he does not even have a bachelor's degree.

  6. I picked up the phone and I called my legislator. Shit! Terry Bernardo answered the phone. Just kidding, Fawn Tantillo answered the phone. What do I do now? Call O'Halloran and swear?

  7. one who knows things,1:09 PM, July 19, 2012

    I have know Vicky Fabella for years.
    She is NO ONE's Flunky, Cloakroom.
    She is a qualified hard-working woman who's 1st interest is doing a good job for Ulster County & it's Taxpayers !!

    I have no love for Terry & her ilk but leave Victoria out of it.
    Anyone would take a good paying job with benefits if offered to them.
    Jealousy might play into it, hmmm ??
    If not, ok, but she is an innocent bystander in this war, kids.

  8. Isn't Patty John Parete's daughter?

  9. No Paretes daughter works at the courthouse. Vicky is Patty's daughter and was working at Shop-Rite before the county job. She has told them she will only be in 3 days and leaves at 5 not exactly what they need up there but she will take our tax dollars as does her mother

  10. Karen Binder worked 14 hour days even as she was getting the chemo treatments that Bernardo asked the county comptroller to investigate. The despicable Terrigula was certain the very sick woman was abusing her comp time. Vicky Fabella is no Karen Binder.

  11. @12:44 Hang up and run fer the hills!

  12. One who Knows Things11:18 AM, July 21, 2012

    Enough already with this Binder thing

    Are you ALL related to her ?

    ok, she was sick, she passed & now Fabella has her job.
    Get over it,
    Fabella didnt kill Karen so let her up off the floor, ok ?

    Focus the hate where it belongs on Len & Terry
    leave the innocent bystanders alone,

    jeeez, show some brains, class & dignity @!!

    Oh, waitr, sorry, This is a blog with mindless rude posters.
    Never Mind.

  13. 11:18 I hear what you're saying. Understanding what Karen endured working under Bernardo and her minions scheming planning and backstabbing must be voiced. By coincidence Fabella has her job telling everyone she doesn't want it. Innocent bystander I think not.

  14. Fabella said at Karens wake she did not want the job and that Terry was"crazy" there were a group of people there that heard it si innocent NOT like mother like daughter

  15. The Republican Party is a train wreck. Check out the latest filing.LOL Roger the dodger shakes everyone who is stupid enough to give him money the taps the "Godfather" Bonacic for $5000 and after expenses including still paying the lawyers off from failed legal tries has a little over $7000 in the bank. PJS must be rolling in the aisles He spent that at a convention.LOL True leader that Roger gonna take us right off that cliff

  16. Cloak room pplease read the filings you find good stuff hidden. i.e. Lodging coalition run by O'halloran who is a Republican Chairman and on the Republican executive board. puts $1000 in the account then donates $1000 to Mike Hein the Dem. There you go with party loyalty. I guess Bernardo taught him well to go where the money leads but Republicans call that a traitor. Dave show us your colors

    1. You bring up an excellent point. Party loyalty becomes muddled when you have all of this fusion politics happening. I will say that many business people hedge their bets and give to both sides. But it's somewhat unusual for a party leader to give to the opposition, and it could raise questions about whether that person can be trusted when it comes to discussing strategy and giving him or her access to insider information. How do the other party leaders know that he or she won't give that to the opposition as well? Of course, you can begin to change all of this by running for the local committee....