Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ken Ronk Thinks He's Smarter Than Gerry Benjamin

Yeah, I know. And when you've finished cleaning up the coffee you just reflexively spit all over your monitor and keyboard, take a look and see for yourself what Ronk says about changes to the new charter:
“We know what works and what doesn’t work.”
After all, Ronk knows much more about government than a man with an MA and a PhD in, um, American Government. Who is this Gerry Benjamin to tell this brilliant champion of the common man how government should work?

There are others, however, who beg to differ:
“It has become evident that a small group of legislators have decided to attempt to nullify the nine months of work of the commission and draft their own charter revisions, which they plan to advance instead of the commission’s proposals,” Hein said, reading from a prepared statement to the Charter Revision Commission on Tuesday.

“This attempt to subvert the process by a small group of legislators can be interpreted in only one way: a simple power grab by individuals who long for the bygone times of legislative control of operations, inefficiency and an era that saw a grossly mismanaged jail (construction) project and accountability that was nonexistent.”
One of the stricking points has to do with the county executive having subpoena power, something the clowns at the legislature don't like. I wonder why that could be? It's not like any of them are less-than honest stalwarts of all that is righteous and good in the world, right?

Of course, imagining someone with the brain pan of Len Bernardo having subpoena power would give anyone reasonable person nightmares, so Ronk may have a point.


  1. No offense to Benjamin, but book smarts ain't always street smarts AND UC politics is a street fight, make no mistake about it.
    I took most of Dr B's classes @ SUNY when he was head of Poli Sci hours & hours of research do not make a politician, kids,
    He only won his elections due to his liberal colleagues @ SUNY NP & the strength of the solid south District 8 Dom Sfregola, Charley Busick, Rich Croce THEY got Dr B re-elected,, not his warm & loving non-personality,

    Leave young Ronk alone he does the heavy lifting & it is appreciated.
    Easy to sit behind your keyboard & attack at least Ken Ronk is in the Arena & doing battle according to his political beliefs.

    Can YOU or any of us say the same ??

    I think NOT !

    1. Ronk is the new Britney Spears! Leave Kenny aloooooone!!!

  2. Jerry Benjamin is a liberal wonk. Who cares what he says?

    1. Benjamin is a Republican who was a big Rockefeller supporter. In other words, he's practically Ralph Nader!

    2. Liberal? He was the Republican Chairman of the Legislature for crying out loud!

      He knows Government inside and out. He is considered one of the top if not THE top expert in New York and some would even say nationally.

      He certainly knows more then cement head Ronk. He is one of the least intelligent people up there.

  3. How would Ronk know what works as their leader none of them have done any work. Please Len if you are going to write on this blog tell us what kid Ronk has done since he has been a legislator. An old Al Meyer line he has vote yes when told to voted NO when told to and said present during attendance. Name one other thing. Oh I forgot carried Terry and Lens jock strap

  4. Gerry Benjamin is a liberal fool. He has been pro-Democrat in everything he has done in the last 10 to 15 years.

    He is no expert.