Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gallo Opposes Hein's SUNY Ulster Plan

It seems that whenever someone proposes an idea that will help Kingston's low income/minority residents, Gallo is opposed to it:
Mayor Shayne Gallo says a plan to move a satellite campus of Ulster County Community College to the Sophie Finn Elementary School building is “well-intentioned” but seriously flawed.

Gallo said this week that many of the problems he sees with the plan could have been addressed if County Executive Michael Hein had included him in discussions before the plan was announced.
So, these "disagreements" could have been worked out? Which disagreements are we talking about?:
Under Hein’s plan, the community college’s satellite campus, now located in the Business Resource Center in the town of Ulster, would move to the vacated elementary school on Mary’s Avenue in Kingston, and county offices located in the city in buildings on Flatbush and South Manor avenues in Kingston would move to the vacated college space.

The two county buildings in the city then would be sold and put back on the tax rolls, Hein has said.

Gallo said the plan doesn’t take into account the impact on elementary school students and their parents, who are now able to walk to school, or the potential neighborhood disruption from as many as 600 people going to the college’s satellite center on a daily basis.

“It will not only depreciate property values but will destabilize the neighborhood,” the mayor said.
Yep, having shiftless poor people hanging around is never a good idea, especially as "they" don't want to be educated in the first place:
Gallo also questioned Hein’s contention that moving the college’s satellite campus to a building near Kingston High School (Sophie Finn is directly behind KHS) would better serve some of the county’s least-affluent students by eliminating transportation as an obstacle to higher education.

“(Hein) stated people will be able to walk to this campus from Midtown. I don’t know who would be doing that,” Gallo said, adding that more than 50 percent of Midtown residents are African-American and “the graduation rate is atrocious.”

“Those in need, unfortunately, didn’t pass their high school curriculum,” he said.
You see? "They" don't want to learn. So screw 'em.

But here's a memo, Mr. Mayor: you don't need a high school diploma to enroll in community college. While most CCs don't recommend it, you can apply and begin taking classes before you receive your GED.

Again, Gallo seems not to like helping out certain poor people. I wonder why that is?


  1. The change in Gallo's heart was influenced by none other than pal Len Bernardo.

  2. This article blew me away. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. I suspect that Gallo will recant and proclaim his unwavering support for the plan by Friday when he realizes that he is all alone.

  3. I wouldn't be giving Bernardo any credit neither of the players have any love for him.

  4. Hey Mike, Feel free to send your $5 million dollar community college to Ellenville. We will worry about all the people coming downtown later...