Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Terry's Off Her Game

One of the things the Bernardos seem to be good at is starting, and than neglecting, blogs. Every few weeks we get this breathless announcement, usually in the comments section, to "check out this new blog" which will really show her detractors a thing or two, yes sir! And for a few weeks we get goofy updates about county politics that are wildly off base -- and then nothing.

For example, there's the Ulster County Crusader. This blog was started on May 6, and its most recent post was well over a month ago on June 10. Six posts total, and then...silence. I guess she got tired of updating that one.

Her replacement blog was the ridiculous Mocking Robin, a blog that is fairly self-explanatory. Mocking Robin was started on May 26, with its most recent post on July 10. Despite the fact that Terry was going strong for a while, Mocking Robin also appears to be withering on the vine.

And, finally, we have the Ulster Asylum, which is the newest entry into the Bernardo pantheon of stellar online writing. This one was started on July 5, just a few days before the most recent Mocking Robin post. And it too seems to be a flash-in-the-pan. Its last entry was almost two weeks ago.

So there you have it. She's fighting back, dammit! At least when she feels like it. After all, legislatin' is haaard work and she needs her beauty rest, dontcha know.

I wonder when the next pro-Bernardo blog will pop up and what it will look like. I expect an announcement any day now.

UPDATE: Grammar corrected.


  1. God knows she needs her beauty rest.Since becoming chair she looks like a train wreck. Mike Madsen is even looking good to her husband Boss Len

  2. Be consistent, Cloakroom!
    Criticize Roberti Jr, Blaber too for not keeping their blogs current & updated.
    Joe Roberti jr was spanked & sat in the corner by Chair Rascoe for embarrassing the GOP with his immature & childish blog with bad, bad photo shopping,
    what a putz!
    Jeremy's blog too , hasnt been updated, but he has an excuse that Roberti doesnt have.
    Jeremy actually WORKS at his JOB. Roberti has a no show no work gig his daddy's paisans gave him. pathetic baby,,,
    If ya criticize one blogger, hit 'em all, kids,,,

  3. Hey Cloakroom! I've been a little behind with my blogging and blog reading, but catching up now and wanted to thank you for telling me about my big birthday gift. May 26th - the day Mocking Robin started, which I did not know - was my birthday! They gave me more of a gift than they know. Thanks for keeping it up. Stay tuned - more to come from me for sure.