Monday, July 2, 2012

Hein Fires Salvo Against Bernardo

This is going to be fun to watch, especially given that Bernardo is a total lightweight compared to Hein:
The gloves came off, though, during an interview with the executive Thursday.

"Chairman Bernardo has, at this point, accomplished very little," Hein said. "The legislature has a responsibility to address issues that are difficult."

Bernardo retorts that Hein refuses to discuss any reforms she's suggested, and the Legislature has two years to implement its agenda.

"People are sick and tired of the 'blame-the-other-guy' politics that Mike Hein practices," she said.

The source of Hein's ire is legislative inaction on the solvency of the county's trash agency. The Resource Recovery Agency has had $1.4 million annual deficits since 2010.
Pass the popcorn.


  1. FINALLY !!!!Someone with guts to go against Bernardo. I hope we see alot more of it. That woman is a disaster for UC.

  2. She said she has 2 years wait it will all come at the end with the new cracker jack staff she has assembled.LOL

  3. Bernardos are up in Kingston trying to kiss a little A%3. Hear they are trying to mend the fences with the defalco Family. Better late than never but the damage they did is not forgivable and they would do it again without a thought. If they are sincere they would sell their house and just leave Ulster County. Maybe Sandy knows a nice place in green he could sell you

  4. Bernardo pushing to make RRA a department of the County so that Hein has to make the decision. Nothing like passing the buck on the tough choices and policy issues, which are the job of the Legislature. Oh wait - they tried that with Golden Hill and that sure backfired on them, didn't it? How much you wanna bet Hein takes care of RRA, too?

  5. Hey next time you see a legislator ask them if they killed anyone this week or thank them for not

  6. Hein will pull the money out of the budget and force the legislature hand. To bad they might have to actually do something before they run again