Friday, June 29, 2012

I Wouldn't Pick a Fight With This Guy

And Rich Cahill is finding out why:
This is getting old fast. Cahill attacks me and my wife, then points the finger at me when confronted with his deeds. That makes it hard to move the conversation forward. I suggest, in the future, instead of crying “Jon attacked me!” perhaps Cahill could reply by numbers. Pick a number, any number, and reply to the point.
Lawyer Cahill is so inept at argumentation one wonders how he managed to pass the Bar Exam.


  1. Cahill has taken to many lessons from the Bernardo's...Attack, accuse, blame, insinuate, outright lie, etc....

    As the website states:
    No matter what you believe it doesn't change the facts.

    So, Cahill along with the Bernardo's can say whatever they want, but they will NEVER have any proof to back it up and we, the supporters of HONEST government will just keep spreading the word that needs to be spread to inform the voters of what our elected or in Terry Bernardo's case "awarded" politicians are up to.

  2. Another 1st for Ulster County the first county to have a legislative chair who is a murderer.

    1. You bring up a very good point. Maybe Bernardo could be charged with hastening Karen's death. If not, maybe a civil suit. I truly hope Karen's family looks into it.

  3. Bernardo actually showed up at Karen's funeral looking like somthing the cat dragged in and her asshole husband used the funeral as a place to campaign for Terry to try and keep her in the chair position.
    I would like to know how our elected Legislatures can act in such a negligent fashion and then want us to reelect them...Are they all twisted in the head ?
    I can tell you right now, any candidate on my ballott that also has the independence endorsement, will NOT get my vote.
    Enough of this insanity already.

  4. I am perplexed,

    In my dealings with Mr. Cahill, I have found him to be honest, fair, and always willing to address the argument at hand. While I usually do not agree with him, I find him to be respectful in his discussion and honest in his opinion. At the very least, he signs his posts, and his blog he writes does not hide behind anonymity. His opinions may be unpopular, but he takes credit for them, as any human being with the freedom to express them should.

    When it comes to wild accusations, maybe a consultation with a lawyer versed in the laws of liable and slander in New York State is in order. I'm not a lawyer, but I am not sure it is legal to allow your commentators to accuse someone of murder, or for a blogger to affirm and encourage those charges.

    Though not a lawyer, I was, many years ago, a reporter. I can tell you that "murderer" is a legal term denoting someone who has been convicted of that crime, and use without a conviction in place leaves the writer, editor, and publisher open to all sorts of legal action.

    -Andrew Champ-Doran

  5. That you would allow someone to call Bernardo a murderer shows you to be a disgusting and filthy piece of garbage.

  6. Whether I agree or not the term is a matter of opinoin which as you see on all theses blogs, Mojo, Mocking Robin, Blaber all are the writers opinoin. Some people think Chapman is a smart guy well talking to people he has worked with he is an idiot, Some like Bonacic but talk to some people that know him and he is evil. Maybe Terry will get the idea of the public opinoin of her from reading these blogs instead of asking the puppets surrounding her.