Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rumors Flying

There are some potentially very ugly issues surrounding Terry Bernardo and the unfortunate passing of Karen Binder. Robin Yess alludes to it today on her blog:
Nope, it’s not a fishing trip and there isn’t a flood coming, but the BS sure is getting deep around here so you better break out your waders. There’s nothing like taking advantage of a situation to press the flesh and impress the press. The phony, sympathetic looks and the prepared statements regarding Karen Binder’s passing aren’t fooling anyone.

The problem is that too many people know the real deal, the scoop as it were, and soon everyone will know the truth. When one person knows, ten know. When ten people know, a town knows. And when a town knows, it won’t be long before the County knows.
A commenter expands upon this a bit:
I would have one simple request on behalf of Karen’s true friends and family. That all those phony people especially legislators who let the wicked witch abuse Karen during her fight and struggle with this deadly disease, PLEASE stay home, don’t cheapen yourself anymore by going to the wake and pretending you cared. You weren’t there for her when she needed you so let’s not pretend. She is in a better place that most of you will never see.
The wicked witch in this case is no doubt Bernardo. As for the abuse Binder is alleged to have put up with, well, abuse is a big part of the Bernardo management style, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if we come to find out that Binder was being hounded out of her job, with Bernardo using Binder's poor health as an excuse, so the former can appoint another hanger-on to a cushy government job.

Now that Karen's former job is available (god rest her), how long do you think it will be before another unqualified Independence Party piggy lines up at the county trough?

As for the details of what happened between Binder and Bernardo, the truth will eventually out. Of course, if anyone has anything specific, the comments section awaits.

p.s. Also, how long will it be before a Bernardo flunky makes a comment about "letting the dead rest"? Think I should start a pool, maybe?


  1. The part about making her come to work in a wheelchair floored me but I checked with the family and it is true. Maybe the queen should try a wheelchair and see how fast the little guy pulls it out from her, shouldn't take long huh.

  2. Bernardo's a cruel mistress. She did everything in her power to hasten Karen's death, including forcing the poor woman to make up the time she took off for chemo and radiation treatments. Poor Karen was forced to work brutally long days -- often staying after committee meetings or legis session to attend to details until well past 9pm. The heartless Bitchnardo has some nerve hosting a gathering to honor Karen in chambers tomorrow night. I hope people call her out on her hypocrisy.
    As for the Ulster County Legislature -- you're a bunch of useless eunuchs. Grow some balls and oust this tyrant!!

  3. The following quote is from an anonymous comment on Rochester Smoke out....
    "They compared Terry Bernardo to a Romanian dictator who summarily executed people. Terry is not the best Chair of the Legislature. She is not a murderer like the Romanian dictator. To say that is just plain nuts…"

    Really ?????? Sounds pretty accurate according to the above comment...
    "She did everything in her power to hasten Karen's death, including forcing the poor woman to make up the time she took off for chemo and radiation treatments".

    Doesn't sound any different to me...

  4. "All I can say is that legislators are curious creatures," Bernardo said.

  5. "curious creatures" more like inhumane animals - and that is being kind. They must have known what was going on and nobody did or said anything - beyond sad - more like sick!

  6. Don't let this stop everyone must constantly remind the public of this injustice till the day she is gone. Everyone from every town and the city must come out and campaign against her this is not a dictatiorship this is Ulster County go back where you came from Bernardos we HATE people like you you are not welcome here

    1. I just found out that Karen was Ellen DiFalco's sister !!

      Since we in the GOP ousted Ellen & her sick, twisted husband, Joe, on DIS-LOYALTY charges,, & then Len & Terry took the DiFalco's in their Independence Party, why was Terry so mean to Karen, their "friend's" sister ??

      seems weird,,,

    2. Interesting, Ellen was the only family member chatting away with Terry at the funeral home, even smiling at her. Really? And there was Len glad-handing anyone he saw. Disgusting!

  7. We'll see if blood is thicker than politics. If Ellen isn't appalled and angry as hell at Terry's actions toward her sister, then she's a sick puppy, too. I hear the family found some viciously nasty emails from Terry to Karen on her computer. I hope they make them public. Run the despicable despot out of town!

    The height of hypocrisy is that Bernardo is hosting a service in the legislative chambers for Karen tonight.

    Visiting hours at Leahy Funeral Home are from 2-6pm, followed by a memorial service. Bernardo's "service" immediately follows the wake at 6pm (maybe she doesn't want to answer any questions from family members?).

  8. Funny how neither Len nor Terry posted anything about Karen Binder's passing on their Facebook accounts. On June 10, Len posted: "Sad day in Ulster County today, Mike Madsen Dad passed today around 5:20 PM, please Pray for the family."
    Only one person "liked" his post -- Karen Binder's brother-in-law, Joe DiFalco.
    Terry uses her Facebook account to showcase her high-flying trapeze pictures (feeds her big ego) and to post pictures of her dopey dogs. What a joke.
    You'd think she could spend two seconds to acknowledge the one woman in her office who made things run smoothly. Terry Bernardo is a callous bitch. Remove this malignant tumor from her post!