Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why Should I Care About My Neighbors?

I mean, seriously. My neighbors are not ME. So anything they posses means there's something I DON'T posses. Makes me sick to see other people happy and content.

And I'm glad to see that there are so many commenters who agree with me (see the comments from the previous post to hear what your enlightened neighbors think about the quality of our rivers and streams).

And all of this is nothing more than political grandstanding. Hein, Bernardo, and the entire county legislature are simply taking advantage of their constituents. Why, I bet they actually convinced NY City to start these discharges into the Esopus so they could make political hay out of it.

And Big Government, especially when it's the government of NY City, is our friend. We should never, ever question the wisdom of what they do. After all, we're just the little people, and we really don't know any better.

Sarcasm aside, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. You're not fit to live in the company of decent people.

And those of you who aren't sociopaths should be sure to drop by tonight's hearing at SUNY New Paltz if you can spare the time. Let's tell the city we're not going to be steamrolled.


  1. Thurm Lives !!!3:47 PM, June 19, 2012

    spare us the moral indignation oh you of the Moral High Ground,

    We have our own lives & problems to deal with & no politician gives a s**t about our problems cause they wont make any hay for their own pathetic careers.

    Yeah, muddy water aint fun but give us all a break -
    if you are offended by NYC water issues, then you go to this Hein Campaign Forum,

    Me ?? I will be watching the Yankee game, that is relevant to me

    Maybe if Hein & Bernardo could get the Steinbrenner Family to lower the price of Game Tickets, then I'd care,
    til then


  2. Yankees suck.

  3. Hein will be handing out invites to his next fundraiser there.

    Sign in and you will get campaign mail and solicitations for donations.