Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More on the Mystery Man

For those of you late to the game, Sandy Mathes -- a Bernardo flunky who was previously pulling down $300k per year as the head of the Greene County IDA, and is now pillaging Ulster County coffers for another $37.5 for doing... nothing, apparently -- has been quite the mystery man. Just what does he do all day? Does he keep a log of his travels and the people with whom he deals? Who does he report to? What kinds of checks and balances are in place to ensure this isn't some sort of crony, make-work job for someone's pal?

The reason I ask this that Mathes appears to be handing out business cards for his other endeavors (United Realty Management Group and Mathes Public Affairs) when he's supposed to be drumming up business for Ulster County.

This is a pretty sweet gig, you have to admit. You get a "job" that pays what would be an okay living-wage here in Ulster County for doing essentially nothing, and then you use that job as a springboard to market your other business activities (both of which are based in another county) -- all on the taxpayers dime.

Nice work if you can get it, or if you're buddy-buddy with the Bernardos.


  1. Thats whaqt they got him for in green county. The state found major problems with that in conflict with his goverment job. So they fired him. We got him along with the woman fired from the county clerks office for being drunk we got her. We are now getting our money out of the new jail by recruiting inmates I guess

  2. When i was a sleasman, in the late 1980's early 1990's, Mathes was Chair of the Green Co Legislature,
    It was told to me that to increase my County business I should meet with A Sandy Mathes over a "business lunch",,,

    I did @ Hop O Nose restaurant in Catskill,

    it was inferred that it was a "pay to play" situation,,
    I didn't roll like that,, I had no problem with a lunch, or a balllcap, or the like,, a pocketknife, maybe some golfballs,

    but Homey DON'T PAY TO PLAY !!

    I am sure that cat5's stripes have NOT changed,, only the price is higher, i bet,

  3. THAT should read SALESMAN not sleasman,, although,,