Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gallo: Don't Pay Any Attention to What I Said on Monday

Gallo now supports Hein's SUNY Ulster plan:
Mayor Shayne Gallo apparently now supports a plan to turn Sophie Finn Elementary School in the city into a satellite campus of Ulster County Community College.

Following a meeting on Wednesday with County Executive Michael Hein, Gallo released a statement in which he said he fully supports the project, which he called “an innovative and cooperative plan that will enhance the quality of life of our residents and create an educational corridor in Midtown Kingston.”

On Monday, Gallo called the plan “well-intentioned” but said he had serious concerns about the ramifications to the area around Sophie Finn, which is on Mary’s Avenue, and the rest of the city.

He said a number of his concerns could have been addressed if he had been “looped in” to the initial planning of the project.
"Looped in," as in no one consulted Gallo about the plan, thus his feelings were hurt. And we can't have that, can we?

Anyway, it's good that Gallo had his arm twisted has been persuaded to back the proposal, which should go along way toward helping reinvigorate the neighborhood.

Here's a little Dinah Washington to celebrate, Mr. Mayor:

(Hat-tip to the anonymous commenter who predicted Gallo's about-face)

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