Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My God, Who Wrote This Idiocy?

Following up on Robin's post, not only is it ridiculous, it's also sub-literate:
Please note the Charter Revision Commission has scheduled for itself the noted public hearing. There has been discussion as to the validity of said Commission. The hearing is included in this update for administrative purposes, and in no way serves as recognition or confirmation that said Commission exists or does not exist.
Kafka couldn't have said it any better...whatever the hell it is. Seriously, can anyone make heads or tails of this statement? The commission may not exist? Huh?

If Landon Chapman wrote this he should be forced to take remedial writing courses at SUNY Orange (the county in which he actually lives).

And if they apply to their rejiggering of the County Charter the same level of intellectual rigor they put into the above statement, we are righteously hosed.


  1. Chappy got his wanker spanked by Bea for this nonsensical Hamlet-esque statement. The county attorney issued an opinion about the validity of this commission. Guess what? It exists! How much are we paying for this Orange County bozo again?

  2. No one except the legislators said he was or had to be smart