Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bernardo Watch: There's No "There" There

Normally when a legislator wants a leadership position, it's because he or she has an agenda to enact. This agenda is typically worked up into a series of bills, or resolutions in this case, which are first presented to the appropriate committees, and then the full legislature. Policy disagreements are discussed, compromises are hammered out. Eventually a vote is taken. The bill/resolution passes or it doesn't.

I bring this up because I think Robin is missing the forest for the trees (or she's simply being too polite to come right out and say what everyone already knows):
So Bernardo claims that Hein refuses to discuss any reforms she’s suggested, including the RRA – when the Ulster County Legislature, as the County’s policy making body, has the authority to create new policies without Mike Hein’s authorization to do so. In other words, Hein is the operational guy who has to run the County within the policies established by the Legislature. Addressing the RRA problem is the Legislature’s job, but if they don’t address it, I bet Hein will in his next budget.

Here’s how it should work. A legislative committee – for example, the Environmental, Energy and Technology Committee chaired by Legislator Carl Belfiglio – reviews a Resolution for a change in policy on the RRA, which would have hypothetically been submitted by a Legislator – maybe even Legislator Bernardo, who in her own words has ideas for reforms. The committee, after discussion of the Resolution’s merits, would vote on whether the Resolution should go to the full legislature for a vote. If it’s a good Resolution, then the entire body would vote on it and hopefully pass this new piece of Legislation. If they pass it and it won’t fly financially, Hein can veto it.
The reason we haven't seen a single policy proposal from Bernardo (if I'm wrong about this, please point out any policy proposals that Bernardo has supported and pushed through the legislature, because I honestly can't think of one), is because she has no policy proposals.

Instead, she keeps passing the buck to Hein, who probably has some good ideas, but is an executive not a legislator. Hein can lobby, he can suggest, he can even help write the resolutions. What he can't do is make law all by himself. For that, you need a legislative body.

So, when are we going to see a policy proposal from Bernardo that doesn't involve firing someone and giving the job to one of her flunkies? I'd say, "never." The only reason Bernardo wanted the leadership post is her vanity. Every legislative session is nothing more than a homecoming pageant with Bernardo as the queen.

In other words, she's got nuthin.'


  1. poor excuse for a Queen. More like Ulster Counties Jimmy Carter

  2. I'm no fan of Mike Hein, but he is right on the mark here. The UC Legislature's job is to tackle the tough issues. Can anyone remember when the legislature did ANYTHING?

    This is nothing new with Bernardo, as Wadnola was as equally ineffectual. Rodriguez, Provenzano, Shapiro, Donaldson...they all sit and bicker among themselves about who should be in charge. They never deal with any issue or problem with the county or the people.

  3. Terry Bernardo never had a platform or policy proposal ideas. She has NEVER said what she wanted to accomplish as Legislator other than becoming chair.

    We know she reads these blogs and still no comments explaining or defending her actions. I agree this is just a vanity thing and we as taxpayers are paying the price, big time!

  4. Been There,, Seen It,,8:56 AM, July 06, 2012

    Come on People. You are missing the big picture.

    It ain't about Terry's agenda
    IT IS all about LEN'S !

    Her contacts aid him!

    See where he is putting his nose, what meetings he has been taking, THEN you will see why he made sure she got the Chairmanship.

    The deals Len made on Terry's behalf, hurt Saugerties, New Paltz, & Warwasing on so many levels.
    See Zimet/Wishnick!!!
    Ask Baby-Joe Roberti aka Mojo, about his Town's Supervisor ???

    Come on kids, cantcha see the forest for the trees ???


  5. Len is far from the brightest crayon in the box. He's the arm-twister, but Terry is the brains. They cannot be separated. Everyone believes Len's got an agenda and they're right -- only his agenda is to please Terry and help line their pockets. Divide and conquer is their approach. Most politicos and wannabes are too stupid to see it happening right before their eyes.

  6. 8:56 is correct Its all about Len but 9:13 is wrong Terry has NO brains 1st she is with Len 2nd she is stuopid enough to do all the stupid, nasty mean thing. She is a witch

  7. 9:13am If Terry's the brains...

  8. That's why they're so easily exposed, 9:13 -- she's the smarter of the two, but Einstein, she ain't. Remember though, she was smart enough to know how to bribe legislators into supporting her self-serving plan. Her desire for absolute control and history of overreaching is what should take her down, but that all depends on whether the legislature decides to pull its head out of the sand.

  9. You need to understand a legisltor. They are there strictly for their egos. Most are little guys who have no self confidence and want to feel important. The money they get paid is pocket change but a few are self employed and need the benefits. take away the benefits and you will be left with just egos. They like to feel important but if you call and ask for something it is safe to say they can't do it