Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Breaking the Law...Again

The Bernardo gang's blog toadies -- like the Mojo, Mocking Robin, and the rash of other Bernardo-backed blogs that have popped up over the past few months -- like to talk about "following the letter of the law" when it comes to criticizing others. But when the Bernardos are the ones breaking the law, we have total silence. And what are they being silent about? This coup against the Charter Commision:
As County Executive, I have, and will always side with the people of Ulster County over the politicians. This is why I feel so strongly about what I see as attempts to corrupt the revision process and undermine the work of the Commission, as well as attempts to undermine the fundamentals of the Charter itself.

It has become evident that a small group of Legislators have decided to attempt to nullify the nine months of work of the Commission and draft their own Charter revisions, which they plan to advance instead of the Commission’s proposals.

These revisions are the end result of a closed door meeting held in violation of the New York State Open Meetings Law, and in stark contrast to the transparency of this Commission.

This Commission posted its minutes as well as all proposed changes on the County’s website weekly and all of the Commission’s meetings were open to the public. This attempt to subvert the process by a small group of Legislators can be interpreted in only one way; as a simple power grab by individuals who long for the bygone times of Legislative control of operations, inefficiency and an era that saw a grossly mismanaged jail project and accountability was non-existent.
So let me ask you guys, how do you respond to the CE's charge that you're a bunch of criminals?

These legislators want to de-fang the CE's office so they can continue to feed at the trough. Forget about what Republican Gerry Benjamin and the bipartisan charter commission worked on for months. This bunch of rubes knows better.

I wonder if Patricia Doxsey or the other reporters at the Freeman have reached out to Benjamin to ask him to comment about this latest stupidity from our legislature?

And shame on any Democrats who participated in this stupidity. You guys should really know better. This blog is going to make sure people remember your actions come election time.

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  1. They really don't seem to care and I hope the voters remember come next November.

  2. Well, it must be pretty big news if Cloakroom is working on Sunday! The Charter permits both the Legislature and the County Executive to propose changes to the Charter. In this case, it's the timing of how and when they proposed changes - at the near end of the Commission's lengthy work on the Charter and possible revisions. It's disprespectful and skirts the process, not to mention breaks the law when ample notice of meetings is not provided. Oh, who cares? When follow the laws when it's so easy to break them? I'm kidding, of course.

  3. Only criminal minds would have devised a secret meeting on July 3rd, right before our nation's Independence Day!
    They hoped that nobody would notice.
    Well said, Cloakroom -
    Bernardo watch, please watch each and every Bernardo move...

  4. The Commission is supposed to make RECOMMENDATIONS. The Legislature makes the final decision. Read the Charter.