Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night Open Thread

It's no fun being serious all the time, so here are a few minor diversions respectfully submitted for your perusal.

A dog playing Fruit Ninja. And how much to you want to bet that he can kick your ass at it?:

"Illegal mental patterns are being corrected." How long before reality eclipses satire?:

That's gotta hurt:

You forgot something!:

How bad will climate change be? This bad:

And, in honor of this glorious Friday weather. I think Frank was on to something:

Are there any videos you'd like to share? Any community events you'd like to alert your neighbors to? If so, please post them in comments. And don't worry if your comment doesn't show up right away. I'll be checking the spam filter periodically.


  1. Here's one! Without the script, Mrs. Len Bernardo is lost, with the script, she is just an idiot. How did this woman ever get elected Chairman? The Republicans should be proud of themselves.

  2. Since we have an open thread let me ask this out there. In Roundout Valley Schools there are 5 people running for 5 seats. O'Halloran the Bernardo boy being one. Did Len fix this election as well as he does the others for his wife? Doesn't look like the Rt 209 corridor have any votes can we just save the county money and stop the eklection costs over that way. Just a budget suggestion.

  3. The problem I have with O'Halloran being on the school board and to be chairing it to boot - his kids do not, did not and will not ever be attending the Rondout Valley school! I had to laugh when I saw a sign while driving through Kerhonkson that reads: Public Education Works - but apparently not for the O'Hallorans.
    He is on the school board (and will remain on the school board as he has no challengers) not because he is concerned about his children's education (there are going to private school)... so please tell me why he is on the board. Please don't try to tell me it is because he cares about all of the other kids in the district... please make this make cents - pun intended!

  4. Answer to your question is EGO!!!!! Him and his little buddy are fighting to see whose EGO can take up more space in the county. Since people are leaving in droves since they go involved there should be plenty of room. For them and their minoins in the legislature.