Monday, May 14, 2012

The Caped Crusader?

Jeremy Blaber highlights a new Ulster County blog, one that was apparently started to push back against the criticism the Bernardos and the Independence Party gang have been receiving from this and other blogs in the county:
The blog looks like it was made to counter some of the nonsense going on with the Liberty whatever blog and the Cloak room. There are only two or three posts but it looks like it will be pretty entertaining. Before you ask, no it's not me and I do not know who it is. I barley have time to keep this blog updated much less do other blogs. However with campaign season around the corner and politicos not being so fair and balanced, I will do my best to keep this blog updated from now on.
The blog is calling itself the Ulster County Crusader, Batman logo and all, and there are several posts for us to browse. One is attacking Robin Yess for expressing her opinion, and the other is a rehash of the alleged David Donaldson road rage incident of a few days ago. The blog offers nothing on policy. Nothing on whether the decision making process on Fair Street is nothing more than partisan cronyism. No response at all to any of the criticisms Bernardo opponents have leveled.

What it does have is the same kind of PhotoShop silliness that was part-and-parcel of the amusingly deranged Ulster County Mojo. There's one PhotoShop of Yess with Charlie Sheen, another of Jon Dogar in a Speedo, and one of Donaldson in a dust mask. That's about it. Nothing of substance.

And, because of its similarity to the Mojo, I thought I would drop in to that site just to see if anything was cooking. Sure enough, the same weekend Ulster Crusader kicks off is the first time in in nearly eight months that Ulster County Mojo has been updated.

Way to be transparent, guys. So, it looks as if the Bernardo mouthpieces are coming out in force. What took you so long?

Anyway, I'm hopeful that both blogs will contribute to the dialog, even when the criticism is off point. And I will also add both of these blogs to my blogroll. For those of you who may not be aware, the list of blogs and media outlets I list on the right, in one way or another, contribute to the conversation here in Ulster County. I check each every day, just to see what's going on. You should do the same, as it's a good way to stay on top of what some of your neighbors are thinking.

Do any of you know about other local blogs I haven't listed? If so, please provide a link in the comments, and will look at adding them to the blogroll.

As for Mojo and Crusader, I hope they keep at it. But I don't have high hopes. Blogging every day is surprisingly difficult work. Even a satirical site like Mojo ran out of gas after a while. But if we all keep linking to one another -- especially when we disagree -- we can keep the conversation going.

p.s. If a blog or a website is on my blogroll, this doesn't mean I endorse the views expressed therein. I disagree with the Liberty Coalition and the Rochester Republicans on most policy issues, but I'm happy to break virtual bread with my neighbors -- and sometimes our interests overlap, dontcha know.


  1. Based on the lousy photohack jobs, I'd say the new blog is written by Terry Bernardo herself. She used to do all the hackjobs on Mojo before teaching Joe Roberti her horrendous photoshop skills. These photos all bear her mark! Maybe the artist working with Robin Yess on her site can teach Terry how to actually use the program.

    True to form, though, when she senses trouble, mudslinger TB jumps right back into the puddle. This, our esteemed chair . . .

  2. It's so hard to give Jeremy any credibility ever because his spelling and grammar are so awful.
    If you want to be a writer then be one. If you want to be a hack, then just keep doing what you are doing.

    By the about Cahill on Kingston added to the list.
    And New Paltz Gadfly. A few others too out there.

  3. New blog is definitely Mojo (Joe Roberti Jr.). I guess Roger Rascoe withdrew his Executive Order issued early in his term for no more mojo! Points well made by Cloakroom. No substance, no proof, no actual anything. Well, there is the bad photoshop.

  4. Dear Count Ulster, I don't know who you are, but I get a kick out of everyone accusing you of being Robin Yess. It's not like the Bernardos haven't left bloody bodies all over the county with their slash and burn politics.

  5. I noticed that Mr. Roberti new blog is very selective on what it posts. Must need Bernardo approval. a shame the republicans in this county just beat on the republicans where I came from we were on the same team the Dems were the enemy?? WTF