Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where's the Opponent?

Piggybacking on Robin's post of the other day, it's beginning to look like Frank Skartados may not have a challenger come November:
State Assemblyman Frank Skartados so far has no Republican challenger for his upcoming re-election bid.

The Milton Democrat, who currently represents the 100th Assembly District, will run in November in the newly drawn 104th District, which comprises parts of Ulster, Dutchess and Orange counties.

Republican leaders in the district say they have no candidate yet to run against Skartados but hope one will emerge.
I like Frank and think he's doing a good job. But it's no fun playing the game by yourself. And having a legitimate challenger gives voters a choice, and it helps keep candidates honest and on their toes.

Come on, guys. You must have someone you can bring in and make this an actual campaign. And what about the other local districts? It appears the GOP here in the Hudson Valley has a very weak bench.

p.s. I totally agree that the new AD-101 is an abomination. This kind of gerrymandering subverts the democratic process.


  1. Catherine Terrizzi was interested the 1st time out, against Dumb Frankie,, but the State GOP dissed her so badly I dont blame her for just making a living.
    The NY GOP is it's own worst enemy.
    If the thieves in the RAC had any true dedication to the Cause instead of their own pockets, they'd stop fighting Ed Cox & let him work .
    but NOOOOOO,,,

  2. Weak bench they have NO leadership. terrizzi couldn't win she was a do nothing so she has no record and besides she doesn't live in the district she is in the 101st. Republican leadership is just lining their pockets and kissing a#@ to the Independence Party. What has it got them a majority that does NOTHING. jobs for outsiders and Independence party members. Oh I'm sure Rascoe and his wife are being taken care of though

  3. This is indicative of the priorities of the current County Republican "leadership". Elect a few in positions that allow patronage to be dispatched. Forget about fund raising, party building and the future of the committee. Protect and forget. Protect the few in office, forget the rest.

    Good thing the Democrats are so inept and have chosen a complete zero as chair in Cardinale who was preceded by another zero in Shcriebamn, otherwise the Republicans wouldn't even be able to hold the few offices they have.

    Ulster County is doomed.

  4. Christine Bello -- look her up. She is Skartados opponent.