Monday, May 7, 2012

Government Doesn't Create Jobs?

Well, it does if your name is Langdon Chapman. We've written about this before, but it's worth going over again. Langdon Chapman is a busy boy:
So, who is Langdon Chapman? This question needs to be answered. After all, Terry Bernardo, the newly installed chair of the Ulster Legislature, went out of her way to appoint Chapman as the new counsel to the chamber, this over the strenuous objections of attorneys in Ulster County.

Chapman, of course, doesn't live in Ulster County. He lives in Orange. So why would Bernardo go out of her way to appoint a carpetbagger? Well, for one, he's State Senator John Bonacic's chief of staff. Seems a little odd to have the chief of staff to a state senator providing legal advice to an allegedly independent legislative body, doesn't it? At the very least, there's the appearance that Bonacic's office will have a huge influence over the legislative agenda in Ulster County.

If that's not enough to give one pause, try this on for size: Chapman is also the planning board attorney for the City of Port Jervis in Orange County. If that's not enough, he's also the planning board attorney for the Town of Mamakating in Sullivan County. What? There's more? He is also the town/village attorney for the following municipalities: The Town of Bovina and the Town of Stamford (both of which are in Delaware County), and the Village of Liberty (Sullivan).

In addition to this, Chapman is also an associate at Bonacic's law firm, Bonacic, Krahulik, Cuddeback, McMachon & Brady, LLC, in Middlewtown. Just how many jobs does this guy have? And why was it so important that Bernardo appoint him? At whose request? I can't imagine that Chapman's appointment came as a result of a talent search. Seriously. They scour the local market looking for someone who's a good fit for the job, and the person they come up with is this guy? No. This is some sort of quid pro quo, with Bonacic's law firm the likely beneficiary.

I wonder just how much business Chapman steers to his boss's firm? Definitely worth looking into.
Robin Yess today highlights the many hats Chapman wears. Interestingly, Yess didn't mention the City of Port Jervis. And she's done her homework, it appears, as Chapman has stepped down from his post as planning board attorney for that city. Guess he was just too busy. What is interesting is that Chapman's replacement is Robert Krahulik, an attorney with Bonacic, Krahulik, Cuddeback, McMahon & Brady, LLP, of Middletown, and the son of one of the firm's founders.

Bonacic and his partners seem to love all this municipal business, and the money that flows into the firm's coffers. But Bonacic is also on the record that government shouldn't be in the job creation business. Which is it, senator? Seems like government is creating plenty of jobs for Chapman and the stable of attorneys at your firm.


  1. Money sucking pigs. All of them. Skilled, educated people with experience in their field are unemployed, while Landon Chapman feeds at the public trough ten times more as justified by his work. Do not tell me that somebody required by law to work 35 hours a week finds the time to hold 6 more jobs at locations as far as 100 miles apart. And some of the additional jobs are paying $50,000. He is a pig, his boss is a pig, his friends are pigs. And if we let it stand, his kids will be pigs too.

  2. The AG's office really needs to investigate this from a multitude of levels. Clearly the influence peddling, steering and conflicts of interest, but also from a mathematical standpoint. Just how many hours are there in a day? He is a full-time NYS employee in the pension system. I bet the time clocks don't jive.