Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Where's Terry?

You would think all the flag-waving and parades that went on this past weekend would bring Team Terry out in force, what with all the photo ops and the like. But all's quiet on the Bernardo front. Nary a press release. Could it be that she's decided to lay low for a bit?


  1. She showed up at Town of Rochester, late and with her note taker(Frank Reggero) in tow as the speaker. Apparently, Terry doesn't think the Town of Rochester has any qualified veterans. Hell, the function wasn't even advertised or listed in the Freeman with all the others. I doubt any Town of Rochester veterans outside her click even knew about it. Therefore, all the seats under the tent which were set up for the veterans were empty.
    Real pathetic for her own town of residence, the town that she reprsents as a Republican Committee member and the Legistrative District she represents at the County level.

  2. New game.
    "Where's Terry?"

    I had a Terry sighting zipping down her road in a John Deere 6 wheeler on Sunday.

  3. Maybe they had her committed!!!