Friday, May 4, 2012

Bernardo Watch: How Dare You Question My Crony Appointments!

That's the shorter version of this statement from Bernardo:
Provenzano said that during the executive session, Bernardo, in a written statement, accused the committee of overreaching its jurisdiction, but complied with its requests for information because it is "part of the public record."
Bernardo is saying the legislature has no right to ask questions about rewarding her pals with cushy jobs? Well, the voters will have something to say about this in November, when we vote on the referendum to strip the chair of these outrageous powers. Cronyism on the local level is pervasive in this country. It's a disease that starts in our communities, and spreads everywhere -- especially to our state legislature and our Congress. It's time the voters to take a stand against this. If we can put an end to it on the local level, we can eventually stop it on the state and national level.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Terry.


  1. Executive session discussion material legally must not be divulged outside of the session. That's why they go into the closed door session.
    So Ms. Provenzano could be brought up on ethics charges or worse if she talks about the session to the public.

    Not defending Bernardo and her actions at all with this, but just saying if we are making one play by the rules then the other should as well.

  2. 10:02, you are right. However, the cloakroom is only interested in the Bernardo's and what they do wrong. As an example, Hein hired J.J Hanson as "deputy" budget director, with not a drop of experience. Now Art Smith retires, and Hanson is in charge. Of course,"cloakroom" prefers to ignore this whole story, and the fact that Art Smith is still on the payroll as a consultant , because JJ has trouble balancing his own checkbook, but can write a mean press release.
    So where are Robin Yess, claokrooms co conspiritor, if not cloakroom, and the writter or re writter of this blog. LOOKING THE OTHER WAY.!!
    So much for their credibility. Fun to read, and see just how biased and desparate they are, but surely not to be taken seriously. Just blowing the smoke of hatred.

  3. I think the fact that the Bernardo crew gives Robyn and others so much to write that they are limited in what to post. They just keep it coming SCREW the taxpayers its all about them

  4. Does anyone really believe the Chairs appointments are doing work on behalf of we the taxpayers?

  5. 04:45, you are not too bright, are you?

    You decry the fact that "the cloakroom is only interested in the Bernardo's and what they do wrong," and don't pay enough attention to Hein.

    Only a strong legislature could keep Hein on the right track. The current Legislature is a joke, because of Bernardos.

    Instead of wasting your time trying to guess who owns the "cloakroom," why don't you start a blog only interested in Hein and what he does wrong?

  6. Leadership is not about doing the wrong thing because the other guy does it too. Two wrongs never make a right! On top of this, there is no comparison between Hein and Bernardo.

    Mike Hein is where he is because in 2008 he won by getting 45,480 votes.

    Terry Bernardo won with 943 votes and is where she is because of the dwarf peddling the Independence Party line. It is a shame that she managed (by using threats and manipulation of voters, party chairs, committee members, etc.) to be the "historical" first chairwoman of the Legislature... As long time Legislator Jeanette Provenzano very well said, this Chair-woman election, not at all deserved or by merit, made a disservice to all women in Ulster County.

    Also, Mike Hein isn't inarticulate and unstable, and while Terry's husband endorsed Hein, Hein's wife did not endorse Terry.

  7. the information Provenzano is quoted on was not an Executive session issue. The inforamtion was from a letter sent to the Chair and Vice Chair of the committee by Bernardo. Many Legislators have copies of the content.

  8. 4:45pm the GOP best take heed what the public is saying if they care to stay in office. People are posting many negative statements against Terry Bernardo. She should step down for the good of the party. Nothing will be accomplished in the Legislature if she stays put. If she doesn't step down then she obviously is out for only herself and could care less about the party.

  9. Bernardo has won 2 elections after her husband made sure she had no major party opponent. The only election where she had a major party opponent she lost by 43 votes. So we have a chair that never got elected in a seat bought for her by her husbands threats. if the Republicans and Dems were smarter they would let the voters decided and walk away from Bernardos in the interest of the taxpayers. No one takes the I line and see how quick the Bernardos disappear. But we have pawns like Maloney, Ronk, Wawro,Maio and Paretes, that have no back bone and must think the title or money are good because they sure don't do anything