Friday, September 7, 2012

Bernardo and the IDA

Now that it appears the Ulster County IDA will be looking into Skate Time 209's probable default on the roller rink's PILOT agreement, Terry Bernardo's position as chairwoman of the legislature sets up the potential for a major conflict of interest, as Robin Yess very astutely points out:
And if I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now – Bernardo is a recipient of tax credits and benefits from the people of Ulster County for a business she owns and as Legislature Chair she should recuse herself from participation in any Legislative activity pertaining to the IDA Board, especially making appointments to the Board.
Damn skippy. This is a classic conflict-of-interest situation, as Bernardo's legislative decisions in this matter will have a direct effect on the balance in her personal checking account. There is no doubt whatsoever that Bernardo should do the right thing and recuse herself.

But my guess is that Langdon Chapman will advise her that she has nothing to worry about. Thus, she'll happily vote on matters related to her own self-interest without batting an ethically challenged eyelid. Here's to hoping Bernardo proves me wrong.

And a commenter on yesterday's post suggested that IDA Chairman David O'Halloran will fold like origami when it comes to making the Bernardos pay their fair share of taxes. The commenter is probably right. But, again, here's to hoping that we're all pleasantly surprised and O'Halloran throws the book at Skate Time.


  1. Everyone would be shocked if O'H did the right thing. He already told the Kingston Times that he was "comfortable” with Skate Time reporting only 12 FTE employees (full-time equivalent) when the firm had promised at least 20 on its IDA application four years ago. The IDA is now claiming that the skating rink has "fulfilled its commitment" to create a destination for tourism and are therefore entitled to keep the IDA. Shameful.

    I'm sure the cheesy monument to Terry's skating queen days (aka Skate Time 209) is a MAJOR draw to the area. Gotta be one of the first things tourists eagerly check off their lists when they visit the Catskills. If the Bernardo's weren't greedily gobbling up my tax dollars, it'd be funny. As it stands, it's a pitiful joke.

  2. The only tourists who go there are the busloads of Hasidic camp kids who they bring in.

  3. O Halloran is a pitiful joke just covering up for those crooks. But I guess his dump will be looking for goverment hand outs when he applies for his new project. All the thieves have to stick together I guess and we the taxpayers get the short end. I hope is wife is proud of the thug she married

  4. Hey 12:27
    You have a problem with Chasidic children?
    Nasty inference there from you.
    At least Bernardo has a safely run establishment for ALL kids to recreate w/o a haven for predatory pervs like Wood N Wheel.
    Make yr anti-bernardo points w/o anti-semitic remarks, you HATER.

  5. No problem at all 8:05. I wouldn't care what religion that they were. My point was just to say it is not the big tourist destination it was portrayed to become. And certainly did not create the jobs promised in return for the very large tax breaks. It's a nice place, but shouldn't be subsidized if not delivering as was promised.