Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bernardo Should Resign

This is utterly disgusting. Robin Yess has the goods:
On June 26th Clerk of the Legislature Karen Binder passed away after a tough battle with cancer. For those of you who paid attention there was a lot of “quiet” talk about Clerk Binder’s treatment by Chairwoman Bernardo and her immediate staff in the months immediately preceding her death.
Anyone who would use her position of power to harass someone who is literally dying of cancer is unfit to hold that office. Someone please stand up to this monster. Mike? Don? Hector? Where are you guys? This is beyond obscene.


  1. The queen will never resign she bought that seat. Other need to step up and show us some guts and get a chair that works for the people of the county

  2. What say you, Kevin Roberts? If Roberts was such a devoted friend to Karen (like he feigned at the end of the poor woman's life), then why does he continue to carry Terry Bernardo's water? Ask anyone who worked in the legislative office, specifically Karen Spinozzi and Netty Thomshaw, and they'll confirm that Terry made their lives absolutely miserable -- hurling insults, threatening to fire them, taking away established rights, forcing them to work late into the night and questioning their comp time. Before she died, Karen told me that she would use all of her energy to "beat the bitch." Poor Karen just didn't have enough left in her to fight.

    Bernardo, someone accustomed to getting whatever she wants - regardless of cost, wanted the staff she has now. Of course she did -- they're all her political hacks. It's disgusting that she's attempting to use the office as a political springboard.

    Terrigula should be removed by a no-confidence vote. But, I'm sure that won't happen with this bunch. If the cowards in the legislature vote her in as chair again in January, voters need to get involved, if only to remember them in November 2013.

    If anyone needs a list of those who supported Bernardo as chair, they are: Wawro, Aiello, Fabiano, Maloney, Provenzano, Belfiglio, Harris, Maio, Gerentine, Roberts, Ronk, Lopez, Briggs, Bartels, Wishnick, and the three Paretes. Of these "public servants," the worst offenders are Aiello, Maloney, Belfiglio, Maio, Roberts, Ronk, and Rich Parete.

    Personally, I look to see several more Dems join Loughran and Donaldson to vote her down, including Bartels, Provenzano, Gregorius, Rodriguez (if he isn't "late to the vote" again) and possibly Briggs and Rob Parete. The rest of them are Terry's marionettes.

    Hopefully, we've learned a thing or two since Bernardo brand of politics shocked the county. I will refuse to vote for anyone who takes an Ind. endorsement as long as Len Bernardo is still hijacking the party. He's an embarrassment and so is his wife.

  3. What about Terry's new pay for play resolution against Hein? Wouldn"t there be a problem with O"Halloan paying Bernardo over $100,000 from the taxpayers in IDA funds and being made chair of the IDA to oversee that they do everything required. Which of course they didn't. So if it passes does the queen have to resign We can only hope