Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Speaking of Bob Dole

This is what a true statesman looks like:
On a long drive through Kansas last year, Brian Walker and other Kansas Food Bank employees came up with what he calls a far-out idea:

No elderly Kansan should ever go hungry again.

It’s far-out because it takes money, he said. He’s president of the Kansas Food Bank, but he can’t make a million and a half dollars magically appear.

But there is one Kansas war hero who probably can do that, he decided.

On Friday the Kansas Food Bank announced a new statewide program to feed poor elderly Kansans.

The man who made it possible, Walker said, is Bob Dole, a Russell native, war hero and national leader who grew up in poverty himself.

The Food Bank says it will use a $250,000 matching fund pledge from Dole to create the “Bob Box,” boxes of food to be distributed throughout the state within five years to alleviate “food insecurity” among the elderly.

The Food Bank needs $1.6 million to make sure hundreds of boxes of food get distributed throughout the state at least once a month, within five years. He hopes Dole’s pledge will entice other donors to match it, and then to exceed it, bringing in the money needed to get it set up.
Dole is now in private life, so he's not out to score political points. He's doing this because he wants to help his needy neighbors.

Of course, according to Romney/Ryan, these parasite seniors are sucking the lifeblood out of the body politic and should be left to fend for themselves.

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