Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is This Legal?

I assume it must be, as one of them is, well, a prominent attorney:
I am pretty certain there were countless denials made by the Bernardos about Langdon Chapman ever being their personal or business (SkateTime 209 aka TLB Management) attorney. And yet, here it is in an article by Times Herald Record reporter Michael Novinson (see my previous post Kudos to Novinson):
“For any officer of the IDA to assert that my client breached any obligation is untrue and may warrant civil action,” wrote attorney Langdon Chapman in 2008. Chapman is now the Legislature’s lead attorney.
And so now we can ask – which one is it? Either he was or wasn’t. What say you?
It appears Novinson might have unearthed a serious nut here. If Chapman is has been (or is still; who knows?) the Bernardos' personal attorney, then his position as counsel to the Ulster County Legislature is rife with conflicts of interest. I wonder what the NY State Bar Association thinks about this kind of thing?

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