Friday, September 14, 2012

More Healthcare Theater

I almost completely agree with Robin's post on legislator compensation. It's pretty outrageous that part-time elected officials get Cadillac healthcare benefits for themselves and their families given the time they spend on the job -- and that there are millions of folks out there busting their butts at minimum-wage jobs who have zero healthcare.

Robin, though, points out that the compensation review board has recommended that this system be changed as of January 2014:
It seems that after discussion of the salaries and compensation of Ulster County’s elected officials, members tentatively agreed to recommend that part-time legislators’ salaries remain the same and that when the next Legislature takes office in 2014 they will only be eligible for health insurance for a single employee and could pay out of pocket for additional dependents or family coverage. Amen!
Of course, the cynic in me will point out that January of 2014 is when Obamacare will kick in for real, so we can expect the healthcare landscape to change dramatically at that time (whether you agree Obamacare will be good a thing is a subject for another debate). And we can also debate whether Romney can repeal Obamacare (he can't) if he wins (he won't).

So, here's to our selfless legislators finally agreeing to give up their excellent healthcare packages -- on the very eve that healthcare will finally become available for virtually all Americans. I'm getting teary just thinking about their sacrifice.

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  1. safe to say the legislature will once again ignore the public opinoin. Like I think Robin says one legislator already said they will ignore the report and do what they want. I think thatb was Kid Ronk Terrys mouthpiece