Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bill West Has Seen Enough

This has been circulating for a few days now, but it's definitely worth highlighting for those who may not have seen it. Former chair of the Ulster Legislature Bill West has had enough of the Bernardos. West recently sent out an email to Roger Rascoe that reads as follows:
March 5, 2012

TO: Roger Rascoe & Friends of the GOP
FROM: William West – Former Chairman UC Legislature


I would urge that as quickly as possible you meet with Ms. Terry
Bernardo and ascertain who’s team she is on – is her goal the destruction
of the party? In a short two months she alone has caused more damage to our
Republican party than any 30,000 county Republicans have ever done.

She appointed an attorney (Independence Party) from Orange County to be
Legislative Attorney – alienating all the Republican members of the Ulster
County Bar – and depriving the GOP of an opportunity to groom an Ulster
County person for future elected office.

She ran a personal fund raiser which will drain potential funds from the
County GOP and the efforts of other Republican Legislators. The county pie
is only so big. I cannot recall a Legislative Chairperson ever having a
personal county wide fund raiser. Normally legislators raise funds in their
own district – is she so little respected in Rochester that she can’t raise
campaign funds in her own Legislative District??

She appointed as her secretary a member of Independence Party who has not
been a friend of the GOP for many years.

Unfortunately, her inept behavior is starting to tarnish the image of
Senator Bonacic. This is something we definitely do not need for the
upcoming election.

Now she has placed all Republican Legislators in the unenviable position
of having to support the unsupportable at the next Legislative meeting -
the approval of the Orange County Attorney contract.

This might be an opportunity to demonstrate – to the voter – the
independence of the GOP legislature. A no vote by the UC Legislature might
wake up Ms. Bernardo.

I shudder to think what the next ten months will bring forth. Roger, I
would urge prompt action on this matter and let us start moving in a
positive direction. Maybe it should be an agenda item at the next meeting.

William West
Woodstock Republican Committee Chairman
Sounds like the claws are coming out. Pass the popcorn.


  1. I'm sure they will smack his pee-pee but he is right the Republicans need to get back to their roots. Smaller goverment!! Mike Heion is making them look stupid( maybe they are). The executive board should read the party platform and sen it to all that want the endorsement it's not the Good Old Boys club anymore!!

  2. Been there seen it all,8:49 AM, March 09, 2012

    Bill West is just a cranky old man whose time has past.
    Since he was demoted from Vice chair ( HE IS A SAVAGO Loyalist ) he has been crankier & crankier,,
    too bad, he has a vast wellspring of knowledge & experience ( even if it is from the dark ages )& could actually be of some limited service, but NOOO, he has to be a carnk & a kvetch.

    Frig Bill West,,, any good points he was making is tarnished by his going public with our dirty laundry.

    Keep it in house !!! SOTTO VOCCE, folks,, Old School,,,,

  3. 05:49 You sound like Don Corleone's boy. On one hand Bill West is cranky, his time has passed, his experience is dated. On the other hand you recommend doing things the "Old School" way. Sir, you're full of air.

  4. Perhaps the Republican committee needs to wipe the slate clean and start with a whole new group. Get rid of the "cranky old men" (5:49) and the idiot blind followers with no courage to stand up and say enough to the morons leading them. We can hope.

  5. i'm sure the one calling a cranky old man is a younger fellow. Probably on the take, dole or what ever you call it the Republicans have now. or just to stupid to know better Roger oh sorry!!