Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Wishful Thinking

If you had asked me six months ago whether Terry Bernardo's post as chairwoman would survive January's upcoming reorganization meeting for the county legislature, I'd have said "no way." But county legislators are a particularly timid species, and they have weak spines from an evolutionary perspective. Thus, they are particularly susceptible to the wind conditions. You can often observe them in their native habitat with their fingers in the air.

Robin Yess wonders if Bernardo will weather the storm, and she's commissioned an online poll asking readers who would be the best replacement. Drop by and weigh in. Bartels gets my vote, as she consistently demonstrates that she knows what she's talking about and is a good progressive.

But when it comes to Bernardo being bounced fro her leadership post, I'll always wager on timidity and entropy. In other words, it's far easier to chicken-out and do nothing than it is to do hard work.

But it cannot hurt to let your county legislator know that you would prefer someone as legislative chair who isn't using the office like it's a human resources department for her and her freeloading pals.

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