Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Does Fox & Friends Hate Christmas?

"Holiday" party? Aren't Fox employees all members of the Jesus club? After all, Bill O'Reilly rants on endlessly about how the term "happy holidays" is tantamount to murdering Christ all over again:
Deck the halls and man the battle stations. The fight has resumed.

I'm referring, of course, to the so-called War on Christmas, a yearly call to arms by those whose Christmas cheer is under siege. Or so they claim ... fear ... and warn.

[. . .]

Every right-thinking person needs to "stand up and fight against this secular progressivism that wants to diminish the Christmas holiday," he fulminated recently to that night's guest, Fox News personality and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. "We have to start to fight back against these people."

"You know, Bill," Huckabee said gently, "the nature of most Christians is not to get into a fight and a squabble."

"But you're gonna LOSE!" warned his host.

Turning the "No-Spin Zone" into a holiday war zone, O'Reilly is all for keeping Christ in Christmas.

At the same time, he proclaims that everyone — no matter their faith — should call a Christmas tree "a Christmas tree" and knock off their whining.
Looks like O'Reilly should start this counteroffensive within his own place of employment, bunch of secular-humanist do-gooders that they are.

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