Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monserrate Gets Two Years in Prison

A slap on the wrist, but better than nothing:
Hiram Monserrate, a former New York City councilman and state senator who acknowledged misusing about $100,000 in city money to help pay for one of his Senate campaigns, was sentenced on Tuesday to two years in prison.

Mr. Monserrate, 45, a Queens Democrat, pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and conspiracy in May. On Tuesday, he told a judge in Federal District Court in Manhattan that his misuse of the money had been motivated partly by his zeal to help poor and disenfranchised people.

“I am ashamed and deeply sorry for my lapse in judgment,” Mr. Monserrate said in court, adding, “I wanted to make a difference.
Yeah, you made a difference, alright.

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  1. It's ironic that the most bat-shit crazy of the Amigos is still in office.

    Were you to line them up six years ago, I'd have picked him as the first to be a headline and a prison bitch.