Monday, December 3, 2012

Holding the Northeast Hostage

I've been watching the Governors of New York and New Jersey, and the mayor of New York City, as they begin to tally the damage from Superstorm Sandy. Cuomo at last count was going to seek $41 billion, while Bloomberg has said that the city needs $9 billion from the feds. That's $50 billion before you get to New Jersey, which is likely to be another $40 billion. Throw in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, and the lesser damage to points south, and you have a storm that will probably exceed $100 billion in damage (Katrina cost $108 billion, so Sandy is likely to be even more expensive in the long run).

So, here's my question: will the GOP hold the Northeast hostage and refuse to appropriate these funds? We are, after all, snooty East Coast elitists who think we know it all. Why should congressmen from red states have any sympathy for our degenerate Hamptons' lifestyle? The storm was probably god's payback for gay marriage, right?

My guess is that the GOP nihilists in the House will actually enjoy inflicting as much pain as possible on us Obama voters. Take a look at the debt ceiling negotiations if you don't believe me. Hopefully I'm proved wrong, but I wouldn't count on it.

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