Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Will Saland Concede?

Sounds like it's going to be soon:
Ballots were still being considered Monday in the closely contested race for the state’s 46th Senate District, but in the 41st Senate District one candidate declared victory even though the counting had not been completed.

[. . .]

Saland on Sunday evening issued a statement saying his attorneys would no longer challenge any ballots. He said as of Friday, the margin between him and Gipson had shrunk to 1,181 votes with 2,267 absentees and nearly 1,400 affidavits still to be counted.

“Although we have gained a significant number of votes during the recount, and the margin has been greatly reduced, I have used the weekend to reassess our standing,” Saland said. “Despite these gains, it is becoming apparent that we may not gain enough in the end to ultimately be successful.”
So, when is he going to throw in the towel?

And nothing has apparently changed in SD-46, with George Amedore holding a 110-vote lead over Cecilia Tkaczyk. The article mentions the nearly 900 challenged ballots that need to be dealt with, but it doesn't say anything as to when this will be resolved. Gonna be at least a few more days, it appears.

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