Monday, October 15, 2012

Bain Capitol Dismantling Another Good Company

And a certain presidential candidate stands to directly benefit:
If you are hearing about a company names Sensata, here is the story. Right now this company is moving equipment out of a factory in Freeport, Il. and shipping it to China. They are making the workers there train their Chinese replacements. And the end of the year they are laying off the American workers.

[. . .]

Bain Capital purchased a sensor manufacturer that makes key components for our automobile supply chain, and named it Sensata. They immediately announced they closing a factory in Freeport, Ill., and sending the manufacturing and jobs to China to save money.
But it gets worse -- the workers who are losing their jobs in a couple of months are being forced to train their 99-cents-per-hour replacements:
Bain/Sensata brought in Chinese workers and made the Freeport workers train them. Bain/Sensata is moving the equipment out of the Freeport factory and shipping it to China right now. The Freeport employees have set up a camp outside the factory that they call Bainport and are trying to stop the Bain trucks that are moving the equipment out for shipment to China. Supporters were arrested this week, trying to stop those trucks.
But, hey. All Romney is doing is cutting out the deadwood, weeding out the weaklings, removing the chaff from the grain, right? Nope. Sensata makes some of the best automotive sensors in the world, and made record profits last year.

The only reason to dismantle this company is to make Mitt Romney and his pals even more money. Watch the video above. This is Mitt Romney's America. Simply disgusting.

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