Friday, October 19, 2012

Myers Already Wants a Raise

Seriously, why did you elect this person, Saugerties?:
Town officials are trying to further cut expenses for the coming year, the supervisor said.

“We’re faced with very significant budget demands this year,” Kelly Myers said during a Town Board meeting Wednesday. She said the town has drafted a tentative budget and is using that as a worksheet to create a spending plan for 2013.

[. . .]

Myers said town leaders will continue to meet with department heads and their liaisons to try to further cut anticipated expenses for the coming year. She said the Town Board could cancel the second public hearing regarding the tax cap if it can reduce expenses enough in the proposed budget.

Included in the tentative budget is a $15,000 raise for the town supervisor, increasing that salary line from $35,000 to $50,000, and a $10,000 raise for the town’s highway superintendent, increasing that salary line from $53,258 to $63,258. (emphasis mine)
The headline of the Freeman piece, in case you didn't click through,is 'Saugerties Officials Aim to Control 2013 Spending.' This 'spending control' includes a raise for Myers of $1300 per month. How can she keep a straight face? I'm beginning to think that Myers is actually related to Terry Bernardo.

Watch the above video and tell me if you think Myers inspires confidence in her leadership. And, if you live in Saugerties, make a note of the public hearing on the budget that will take place on Wednesday, Novbember 7, at 8 p.m. Be sure to let fiscally responsible Myers know how you feel about her 'money-saving' raise.


  1. Thank Joe Roberti jr.
    Len Bernardo

  2. Hein cuts the towns a break taking the safety net and what do they do but get greedy. Gallo gets a big savings and still has a big increase blaming the county. Meyer is just crazy wants a $15000 pay raise and cut everything else. Best is Zimet in New Paltz wants a $15,000 raise also and get this has sold her house and doesn't even live in New Paltz.Where are the Republicans, in New Paltz Dener, Savago and Rascoe. Where is the press? All of these are Bernardo lackeys so that must mean they all get a piece, screw the people of Ulster County

  3. Hey
    dont blame Dener for Zimet!
    He hates her
    Blame Pete Savago & inbred Hugie Dave Lent
    They stole the GOP caucus for Zimet.
    Dener had a candidate but Savago dragged his brain-addled family & friends to the Caucus for Gardiner resident Zimet.
    GOP candidate lost by ONE vote!!
    Savago/Lent embarrassed the Repubs by turning traitor.