Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GOP Pulls Dishonest Schreibman Ad

Giving them credit for doing the right thing is like thanking someone for apologizing after they intentionally punch you in the nose:
The National Republican Congressional Committee has taken down an ad attacking congressional candidate Julian Schreibman for his connections to a man acquitted of defrauding clients just a day after it hit the airwaves.

The NRCC asked Tuesday that the Albany broadcast stations involved in the ad buy stop showing the spot.

The 30-second commercial was also made private on the NRCC YouTube page. The NRCC is a political committee devoted to electing Republicans to the U.S. House.
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NRCC spokesman Nat Sillin wouldn't provide a specific reason for these decisions.
So, they lie about Schreibman, and then they lie about why they lied. Terrific.

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