Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homophobe to Caucus with GOP in Senate

When a Democrat from the city says he won't commit to a particular caucus, you can be sure he's going to turn on his party:
A day after deciding he would caucus with Republicans, Senator-elect Simcha Felder was ripped by the Democratic leader of his home county, who said Felder’s decision was “a disgrace.”

Felder, a former New York City councilman from Brooklyn, announced yesterday that he would sit with the GOP, putting the Republicans within one seat of maintaining their majority with paper ballots set to be counted next week in two races that were too close to call.

A registerred Democrat, Felder never committed to sitting with the Senate Democratic conference.

“Senator-Elect Simcha Felder’s announcement that he plans to caucus with Republicans is both a disgrace and a complete betrayal of his constituents,” Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Frank Seddio said in a statement this evening. “If voters of Felder wanted someone to pursue Republican interests they would have voted for (incumbent Sen.) David Storobin – which also means Felder’s entire campaign was a lie.”
Come on, Seddio. You really didn't see this one coming? Anyway, Felder should be happy caucusing with the homophobes and Likudniks in the GOP, seeing as he's of that ilk himself.

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  1. You make me sick with the blatant anti-semitism on this disgusting piece of dreck- blog.
    Shameful hatred
    you sicken us all cloakroom
    Typical of your ilk, tho.