Monday, November 26, 2012

Contempt Ruling for Dutchess Election Commissioner?

Republicans, as usual, think the law applies only to other people:
The Dutchess County Democratic elections commissioner is seeking a hearing for criminal and civil contempt charges against her Republican counterpart.

In a release issued Monday, Democratic Elections Commissioner Fran Knapp stated she is seeking a finding of contempt of court against Republican Elections Commissioner Erik Haight for failing to obey a New York State Supreme Court ruling.

Knapp claims Haight has ignored the details of an April 5 court settlement and “continues to employ efforts to intimidate voters and restrict their right to register to vote.”
This guy doesn't like it when liberals vote, so he did everything in he could -- including ignoring a court ruling -- to prevent Bard students from exercising their franchise.

Haight, according to the article, could be on the hook for civil and criminal penalties for his anti-democracy stunt. Let us hope.

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