Monday, November 19, 2012

In a Word, Yes

I think this is a great idea:
Advocates for a higher minimum wage in New York plan to rally Monday at the state Capitol, where they say lawmakers also want a pay hike.

Members of the coalition, following a Thanksgiving week press conference on hunger at a nearby Albany church, say the rally will be held in an adjacent park, followed by a prayer vigil.

The group includes the Hunger Action Network of New York State, FOCUS Churches of Albany and Capital District Area Labor Federation.

They say at $7.25 per hour, New York's minimum wage is out of date, especially with more New Yorkers relying on low-pay jobs.

While noting the Republican-controlled State Senate balked at raising the minimum wage to $8.50, they say lawmakers are considering boosting their own $79,500 annual pay for part-time work.
Lawmakers in New York are part time so they can also hold down "real" full time jobs. This isn't because they cannot earn a living wage in the legislature -- $80k is a very good salary even if you're working 60 hours per week -- it's so they can use their positions as legislators to steer business to their civilian firms. Our own Senator Bonacic's law firm makes hundreds of thousands each year through municipal contracts.

This is what really needs fixing. NY State legislators should not be allowed to hold other jobs, period.

But that is a fix we cannot expect any time soon. So, by all means, let's tie legislators' pay to that of the public. Anything to put the brakes on the corruption gravy train and help raise everyone else's standard of living is okay by me.

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  1. You mean king Bonacic is doing something questionable and being called on it.!!!! Chief of Staff Chapman gets $90,000 from the state as Chief, $50,000 from the Ulster county taxpayers as a no show attorney and is in the paper counting ballots for RJ Smith in Orange county getting paid, plus getting paid by several towns as their attorney. We should all have 7-8 jobs we don't need to go to get paid.