Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alternatives to Indian Point

I think Cuomo is on the right track here:
Consolidated Edison must work with the New York Power Authority to develop a plan to address power needs if the Indian Point nuclear power plant were closed, a state agency that regulates utilities has decided.

The Public Service Commission announced Tuesday that it gave Con Ed the directive. It’s part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Energy Highway initiative that seeks to ensure the state’s energy grid is advanced, can meet current and future energy needs, and promotes investment by businesses in the state, a commission news release said.

Cuomo, state attorney general Eric Schneiderman and others have called for Indian Point’s closure, saying its location, in Buchanan, in the midst of a densely populated region is too dangerous. Entergy, Indian Point’s owner, is seeking permission from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to continue operating them for an additional 20 years after the current 40-year licenses expire next year and in 2015.

Con Ed said in a statement that it will work on the contingency plan.
Good. Of course, you cannot help but wonder if Con Ed will undertake this study in good faith. The solution is to decentralize our grid. Utility companies don't want this because people will use less power and these companies will make less money.

But Indian Point needs to go away. It's an outdated facility in a too-dense population zone. If there were a meltdown, most of the lower Hudson Valley would become uninhabitable for generations -- including much of the city, potentially. Hopefully, this study will show that we can make this transition with relative ease.


  1. Oh too funny
    After Irene & Sandy,,, Indian Point is more needed than ever before.
    Con Ed is totally incompetant just like LIPA.
    Cuomo is an idiot if he thinks his lefty followers give a shit about the masses' needs.
    Your overly liberal hatred of all things corporate ignore the need for IP.
    NY needs power supplies that can be counted on, in times of disasters.
    Gimme a break & get off this tired dead horse.
    Nuclear power is here to stay and thank goodness or else the Shawangunk Ridge would need 10000 wind turbines just to keep the lights on in Mohonk's luggage

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  3. me again(not vox populii)2:24 PM, November 28, 2012

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  6. So, Indian Point isn't leaking radiation?

    It doesn't have pools of spent fuel rods just like those in Fukushima?

    It's not in a location that would cause 17 million people to relocate, perhaps permanently, in the event of a meltdown?

    But you're not interested in substance. You're a troll. You like to pick fights on the internet because you're a right-wing sociopath. If you don't like what I write, go be a pest somewhere else. Moron.

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  8. me again(not vox populii)8:46 AM, November 29, 2012

    Daily Beast & Riverkeeper both have skin in the game to oppose nuke power

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  12. Yeah. Time Magazine is a conservative publication (I'm guess you're not well informed enough to know that Daily Beast is actually part of Time now). And Riverkeeper's "stake" is that the river needs to be kept free of pollutants.


    And I know you are the same person in every one of these comments. You have a habit of hitting the carriage return in between every sentence. It makes your prose look like a zen koan written by a chimpanzee.

  13. And "Light Up or Leave Me Alone" was sung by Jim Capaldi, not Winwood. I would have expected that someone in the music business (formerly) would actually know this. Guess I was wrong.